Official Bloody Mary Haunted Houses Now Available for Licensing

Bobbie Weiner is now licensing the Bloody Mary name to haunted houses around the country who want to capitalize on the name and gain more business this Halloween Haunted House season.

Believe it or not, Halloween is approaching fast. It comes even faster for those who run Halloween related seasonal businesses like haunted houses. Haunted houses and similar Halloween attractions like corn mazes are a big business in the fall and the urban legend of Bloody Mary has been shown to attract more visitors and attention than other themes. Now is the time when many haunted house owners are making plans for this year's haunted house theme. The name "Bloody Mary" is now available for licensing direct from the trademark owner, Bloody Mary herself, Bobbie Weiner.

Businesses who run haunted houses should contact Bobbie Weiner a.k.a. Bloody Mary now to begin negotiations for licensing the name "Bloody Mary" for their haunted houses this year. She owns the trademark/copyrights on the name Bloody Mary, so purchasing the rights from her is the only way you can have the name Bloody Mary attached to your haunted house or attraction. Why would businesses want a Bloody Mary themed haunted house? Just ask Derek Vitas of Spooky Ranch haunted house who ran an exclusive Bloody Mary's Revenge Haunted House last year in 2014.

Spooky Ranch obtained the license from Bloody Mary for a new haunted house they added called "Bloody Mary's Revenge" in keeping with the theme of her latest comic book. Derek Vitas was blown away with the response, the exposure, and the increased attendance we had in 2014 after obtaining the license for the name Bloody Mary and adding the new Bloody Mary's Revenge Haunted House. Vitas said "local press was easy to obtain after hearing about the iconic name Bloody Mary was the theme of their new haunted house." The name Bloody Mary not only conjures up fears from the folklore and urban legend, but also the different commercial tie-ins associated with the name including the Tales of Bloody Mary Comic Book series, the Bloody Mary makeup line, and the award winning special F/X makeup artist herself, Bobbie Weiner. "Bobbie was great to work with in promoting our new haunted house", explains Vitas. "She flew out for the opening weekend for the premiere of the new Bloody Mary's Revenge Haunted House to sign autographs and do makeup demonstrations. The customer response was the best part" Vitas said "everyone knew about the legend and wanted to come experience it for themselves. Spooky Ranch received some of the best customer comments and responses ever because of the new Bloody Mary's Revenge Haunted House as part of their attraction. Customers loved the creatures, the mirror tie in; they said it was so scary and best new haunted house ever." Vitas was quoted as saying "obtaining Bloody Mary's name was the best marketing decision for the 2014 haunt season." Other businesses can capitalize on the Bloody Mary name this year for the 2015 haunt season.

Besides the huge popularity of the urban legend in horror, the brand name brings in big business. Universal Studios in Orlando licensed the Bloody Mary name for their Halloween Horror Nights celebration and had an exclusive Bloody Mary Haunted House attraction. In addition to that, Six Flags theme park licensed the Bloody Mary name for their special attraction "Bloody Mary's Circus of Fear". This particular theme also ran in conjunction with the release of the 5th Tales of Bloody Mary Comic Book. The Bloody Mary Haunted House ran at Six Flags for 3 consecutive years. Each year, over 120,000 people went through the attraction, which was a special charity event. The extra $3 fee to enter the "Bloody Mary's Circus of Fear" Haunted House was donated directly to The Boy Scouts of America.

Haunted house owners can choose a specific theme in addition to Bloody Mary for their haunted house, like Vitas did with "Bloody Mary's Revenge" Haunted House or like Six Flags did with "Bloody Mary's Circus of Fear". The story of the urban legend is a huge draw for haunted house enthusiasts wanting to try their luck at saying her name three times in the mirrors of the haunted attraction. Haunted Houses, Halloween corn mazes, and other spooky attractions can definitely benefit from the added notoriety of this urban legend. In addition to bringing in extra business to haunted houses and Halloween attractions this, year, Bobbie Weiner wants to add in a benefit to a charity that is near and dear to her heart. A percentage of all proceeds from Bloody Mary licensing will be donated to The Puppy Rescue Mission (TPRM), a charity that reunites soldiers who have returned home with the dogs they befriended while deployed overseas.

About Bobbie Weiner Enterprises, LLC.

Bobbie Weiner,A.K.A. Bloody Mary ( is an internationally known makeup artist and the owner and President of Bobbie Weiner Enterprises LLC. She started the product development company over 18 years ago after finishing the special effects makeup for the dead, frozen floating actors in James Cameron's blockbuster film, "Titanic". Known around the industry as Bloody Mary, Bobbie capitalized on that reputation and created several different lines of products ranging from home Halloween fun to movie special effect and even professional glamour makeup comparable to department store brands. All of her makeup is proudly 100% MADE IN THE USA. She brought her Bloody Mary character to life in the Tales of Bloody Mary Comic Book series that she writes and publishes. Her Bloody Mary character gained even more fame when she licensed her character and comic book to Universal Studios for use in their Halloween Horror Nights. Bobbie also sells an accompanying line of Bloody Mary Hot Sauces and Bloody Mary Mix. In addition to her professional makeup artist and special F/X makeup line, she has a line of Sports Fan Face Paint but is most proud of her Camouflage Face Paint line. She has a contract with the US Dept. of Defense and provides her special proprietary formula Camouflage Face Paint for our soldiers in all branches of the U.S. Military. Bobbie's autobiography about her rise to fame as a makeup artist, "I Can Do This - the Bloody Mary Story" is available now in book stores and on Amazon.


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