Ocean Wind International Confirms Further Talks With Petronas

Ocean Wind International reports it will continue exploratory talks with Malaysian integrated oil & gas major, Petronas, after "positive and fruitful" discussions last month.

Ocean Wind International Industrial Limited, the floating wind power generation pioneer, has confirmed that it is to hold a second round of exploratory talks with senior executives at the Malaysian integrated oil & gas major, Petronas, in June.

The development comes after a "positive and fruitful" meeting last month between the Hong Kong-based innovator and Petronas, at which both parties discussed the latter's future renewable energy production transition plans.

Ocean Wind International is thought to be keen on leveraging Petronas's experience with offshore fossil fuel production, citing its deepwater floating platform expertise as being highly compatible with that of its own floating wind power turbines. The company's Poseidon turbine and platform pairing are capable of withstanding the inhospitable ocean environment in waters up to 800 meters deep, but the firm believes that Petronas's experience could help to increase that to over 1 km.

Jeremy Fitzroy, Ocean Wind International's Chairman & CEO, said, "We believe that we can save Petronas millions in research and development expenditure by combining our Poseidon turbine solution with their mooring and ballast technology by significantly reducing the amount of time they'd need to present a viable offshore wind power generation offering."

Petronas is widely thought to be trailing other oil majors in the region in terms of how close it is to being able to rely more heavily on renewable energy, a state of affairs which could conceivably see it lose out to rivals as they partner with nations trying to achieve carbon neutrality.

Source: Ocean Wind International


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