Kickstarter Launches for BodyPedia Smart Scale

BodyPedia launches its first smart scale with an accurate body composition report with body circumference to restore the reputation of BIA (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis) technology

BodyPedia BIA Technology

BodyPedia launches its first smart scale on Kickstarter, the first body fat scale with 97% accuracy to rehabilitate BIA technology. Inaccurate body data outputted by scales on the market that declare they apply BIA technology might leave customers to doubt if BIA is reliable. The fact is BIA has been proven to be accurate by research, but four-electrode scales output inaccurate results with a single-frequency current through the lower part of the body and empirical estimation for the upper part.

The conflict between the chaotic market and the growing demand for body fat scales made the BodyPedia team think they should do something.

"We would like to track our body composition, make targeted training plans, and see the training effect in our daily life to stay healthy. Therefore, the device should be at home, accurate, easy-to-operate and affordable. So, we set ourselves a goal make an elegant smart scale above 95% correlation to Gold Standard, 90% off the price of professional analyzers, and easy operating," says Jeff Choi, CEO of BodyPedia.

What is BIA?

BIA technology is a method for measuring body composition, in particular muscle mass and body fat, where weak electric currents flow through the body and the voltage is measured to calculate impedance. It has been validated to have a high correlation to the Gold Standard method (DXA). 

Why are Body Fat Scales on the Market Not Accurate?

Traditional body fat scales apply BIA technology to measure the human body as a single-cylinder using one frequency, which ouputs inaccurate results. This is because impedance is inversely proportional to the cross-sectional area and in proportion to the length; arms, torso and legs have different cross-sectional areas and length. Moreover, common four-electrode scales only measure the lower part of the human body and speculate the whole-body results.

How Does BodyPedia Technology Work?

BodyPedia uses eight-point tactile electrodes, multiple currents at low, medium and high frequencies, direct segmental measurement (directly measure left arm, right arm, torso, left leg, and right leg) and human body modeling to deliver accurate and detailed results. More than 10,000 tests comparing with medical devices show BodyPedia Smart Scales have around 97% correlation to DXA.

Professional Report by BodyPedia App

BodyPedia resolves an online shopping trouble for users. It tells users their body circumference (neck, chest, abdomen, hip, arms and thighs). No worries about getting wrong-size clothes any longer.

BodyPedia provides more than 40 body data with detailed analysis, including body composition, muscle-fat analysis, obesity degree, etc. Users can easily target improvement areas, develop effective training, adjust diet, set attainable goals and track changes of body composition over time for success. 

Back BodyPedia Smart Scale on Kickstarter to get the full body report.

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