Kevin Crichton, President and COO of E Mortgage Management, LLC. (EMM), Announces Company Name and Brand Change

E Mortgage Management, LLC., a progressive residential mortgage lender, has announced the Company will begin its transition into operating under its new legal name of EMM LOANS LLC and with the brand/logo of "emmloans".


EMM LOANS LLC has entered a unique period in its history. The company recently experienced unparalleled volume and rapid growth. The rebranding strategy reflects the company's vision for a better future in mortgage lending, its new digital technology platform, EZPath, paired with the evolution of the name, image and brand, creates the perfect opportunity to reposition the company into a national household name.

"The original brand served its purpose in shaping the company's formative years," said President and COO, Kevin Crichton. "With the implementation of essential digital technology, our lending platform became fast, simple and transparent. Pair this, with the current real estate market at an all-time high, it became obvious that the logical shift to transition our brand through the modernization of a new name, brand and color palette refresh would solidify our position in the marketplace," Crichton added.

The new brand represents a simple, clean and transparent way to obtain a home loan. The digital platform behind the scenes expedites the process, resulting in a smooth and easy customer journey.

Internally, there is much excitement and buzz around the new brand. Together, leadership, with its people, technology, and the launch of a new brand, will collectively play part in the company's evolution into a stronger foundation for a better future in mortgage lending.

About emmloans:

Lender NMLS 2926. Equal Housing Lender, Equal Opportunity Employer. EMM LOANS LLC ( is a private, direct-endorsed lender serving clients nationwide. The company is headquartered at: 3 Executive Campus, Suite 520 - Cherry Hill, NJ 08002. Verified business registered with the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS) Registry:

PRESS CONTACT: ANGEL BELL - - 609.500.8780

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