Ketamine Media Launches KetaView Magazine to Further Its Mission to Raise Awareness About Treatment Options

Ketamine Media charts new territory in the field of ketamine treatment with the launch of KetaView Magazine, the industry's first dedicated publication. The first issue of KetaView is currently available to read in digital format across Ketamine Media's network of websites.

With the events of 2020 placing mental health at the forefront of anyone's attention, the team at Ketamine Media knew it was time to start addressing a larger audience through this newest addition to their network.

"Our vision has always been to cultivate awareness about mental health - what it really is, what it really looks like - and how to treat it. It's never been more clear to all of us how important it is to do our part, and KetaView Magazine was just the logical next step." - Nathan Graves, Head of Content Development

KetaView readers can expect curated content focusing on ketamine treatment, as well as broader mental health topics like nutritional health and suicide prevention. Contributors include writers who have written for Ketamine News, Billboard, VICE, and more, as well as a number of industry-leading medical professionals and strategic partners.

The first issue of KetaView Magazine also comes complete with Ketamine Glossary, a tool to help new readers familiarize themselves with the vocabulary needed for some of the higher-level topics. With the addition of this tool, experienced mental health readers and those new to the field can both enjoy the unique content KetaView has to offer.

"KetaView Magazine is an exciting new addition that will help us in our overall mission to continue to raise awareness about this life-changing treatment option," adds founder and co-founder, Cassy and Chris Walden. "It is our hope that KetaView Magazine will be well-received and enjoyed by everyone that reads it. We are grateful to have this unique opportunity to provide this information."

About Ketamine Media - In early 2016, Ketamine Media's parent company 360 Media worked with one of the nation's leading providers of ketamine infusion therapy across 8 states. Over the course of the following year, the founders were able to witness numerous individuals get their lives back thanks to ketamine infusion therapy. Compelled to help others gain access to this life-changing treatment, Ketamine Media was born.

Since then, the team at Ketamine Media has worked tirelessly to design effective outreach tools and processes to help providers raise awareness about the clinical use of ketamine. Ketamine Media now works with clinics all over the world and will continue to help facilitate the growth of new and pre-existing treatment centers across the globe.

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