JW Colorado Receives Approval for Medical Cannabis Authentication Patent by TweedLeaf Founder John Kaweske

JW Colorado, LLC, received approval for a United States Patent filed in March of the previous year. The patent, “Methods, systems, apparatuses and devices for facilitating provisioning of an audit data corresponding to a biological target matter,” establishes an Internet of Things (IoT) and multi-block-chain system. Consumers, law enforcement, and healthcare professionals can use this system to track legal medicinal cannabis as it is produced and sold. John Kaweske, one of the patent’s two inventors and the founder of JW Colorado, DBA, “TweedLeaf,” discussed this patent’s importance for the medical cannabis industry:

“We believe that the tracking of highly valued biological matter crops, such as cannabis, from seed to sale using block-chain technology will lead to a more compliant system,” John Kaweske said. “We believe this technology will assist law enforcement in differentiating black-market cannabis from legal cannabis. Black market cannabis is unsafe and is not tested by state-accredited laboratories. Unknowing consumers may be introducing mold, toxins, and heavy metals into their bodies.”

About JW Colorado and TweedLeaf

JW Colorado is an integrated technology firm based out of Colorado Springs. The company holds nine trademarks, having brought TweedLeaf on board in September of 2019. JW Colorado’s subsidiaries operate primarily in the nutrition and healthcare sectors, focusing on medical cannabis products.

TweedLeaf was established in 2013 as a premium dispensary for cannabis flowers and concentrates. The company focuses on insight and transparency, giving customers a look at the cultivation of medicinal plants and the journey from production to consumption. TweedLeaf’s humble beginnings as a single site dispensary and cultivation facility has expanded to multiple cultivation facilities and storefronts throughout Colorado. The company is now exploring the creation of a biotechnology division to focus on FDA-approved therapeutics from its extensive library of cannabis genetics.

About John Kaweske

John Kaweske is a Colorado Springs-based entrepreneur and the founder of TweedLeaf, North Star Holdings, and John Kaweske & Associates. He is also a strong advocate for the environment and the president of Bio Clean Energy S.A., a biodiesel company with offices in Brazil and Denver, CO. 

Mr. Kaweske holds two biodiesel patents and has become a notable figure in the world of sustainable energy. With experience in biotech, sustainability, and healthcare, John Kaweske has proven a valuable resource for sustainable energy companies and cannabis startups around the world. 

Source: TweedLeaf

About TweedLeaf

TweedLeaf is a medical cannabis provider and dispensary based in Colorado Springs, CO. Founded by John Kaweske in 2013, TweedLeaf has since joined JW Colorado, LLC as a trademarked entity.

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