Is Tech a Threat to Healthcare Providers? Day Translations' CEO Shares His Thoughts

In a recent article, Day Translations’ CEO, Sean Patrick Hopwood, analyzed some of the technology-related progress the healthcare industry is starting to experience and how practitioners’ relationship with tech might develop in the following years.

Hopwood doesn’t only approach the topic from a technical standpoint. The MBA covers the business and cultural implications of remote healthcare, the possibility of having international healthcare providers at the click of a button and the importance of hospital interpreting services to guarantee cross-cultural understanding. He also explains AI’s potential to increase efficiency at medical facilities and the market potential of the so-called “Internet of Medical Things” (IoMT), among other technologies.

As a final note, the entrepreneur and linguist welcomes us to embrace technology and ensure that it’s integrated into our workflows in a responsible and intelligent manner:

“Technology is a vital component in the advancement of healthcare. There’s nothing to fear in the growing presence of tech in the medical field. What’s needed is proper testing, the development of best practices, and stringent regulation to avoid problems brought about by inappropriate procedures and the lack of systematic processes and handling of cases.”

The piece in question is part of Day Translations’ campaign to provide growing businesses in the many industries they serve with growth-oriented analysis and data-fueled advice and help them prepare to seize opportunities in the increasingly automated and globalized markets of today and tomorrow.

Day Translations, Inc. is a global, professional translation company, honored in the 2018 Inc. 5000 as one of the fastest growing private companies in the United States. It helps individuals, small businesses and multinational corporations expand their global impact by bridging the language gap and optimizing marketing strategies. Day Translations is passionate about language and grateful for the opportunities it's had to support humanitarian services, including providing interpreters during the Egyptian crisis of the Arab Spring and supporting Translators Without Borders.

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