I Accident Lawyer Warns of Working With Referral-Based Programs

In a new statement to the press, I Accident Lawyer advises car accident victims against using referral-based programs.

Being injured in a car, truck or motorcycle accident calls for quick and decisive legal action, ensuring the proper compensation is received. However, not all car accident lawyers are created equal. Too often, those who have been injured in accidents seek help through referral programs, which can be deeply disadvantageous. In a new statement to the press, I Accident Lawyer warns against these programs.

“Using a referring lawyer or a lead-gen website means your case is probably going to be farmed out to a national firm that may lack real personal injury experience,” comments I Accident Lawyer. “As such, you may not get the kind of personal attention you would like.”

There are other drawbacks, too. Working with a referring attorney might mean that the client overpays in legal fees. It might mean that the client is pressured to accept the first offer, rather than seeking maximum monetary compensation. And, it might mean that the client simply doesn’t get the best legal advice.

“Our guidance would be to always work with a local car accident firm — not a referring site,” I Accident Lawyer concludes.

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