I Accident Lawyer Highlights Growing Role of Self-Driving Car Accident Attorneys

As self-driving cars become more numerous, so are self-driving car accident attorneys. I Accident Lawyer comments on this trend.

Self-driving cars are here—and already, they have forever changed the way people get around. For as advanced and sophisticated as self-driving car technology has become, though, there are still accidents—and as such, a growing demand for self-diving car accident attorneys. In a new statement to the press, I Accident Lawyer—a leading California self-driving accident lawyer—comments on this trend.

“We’ve seen passengers and pedestrians injured due to driverless vehicles, and it’s prompted some complicated questions without easy answers,” I Accident Lawyer notes.

Indeed, one recent news story highlights a woman who was killed by one of Uber’s self-driving vehicles. Uber was ultimately absolved of any responsibility for her death.

“One thing’s for sure—if you are ever injured in a car accident, it’s important to get an attorney who can help you navigate these legal complexities,” comments I Accident Lawyer. “Our firm more than fits that description.”

I Accident Lawyer is a personal injury firm that represents drivers throughout Southern California. To hire a California self-driving car accident attorney from I Accident Lawyer, reach out to www.iaccidentlawyer.com.


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