Hire a Pro for Carrying Out Real Estate Investigations in New York

There is an experienced personal investigator who carries out detailed and thorough real estate investigations in New York so that landlords can heave a sigh of relief.

​There are some matters which happen underneath, and it is not always possible for everyone to say what the truth is. In such cases, one has to take the assistance of professional private investigators who can help. There is one personal investigator named Vincent Parco who has more than 35 years of experience. He is a reputed and well-known private investigator who follows out-of-the-box methods. It is Vincent Parco’s unique style in investigating things that have made him such a favorite among his clients. From background checks in New York, decoy investigations, civil & criminal investigations, insurance fraud investigators, asset investigations to real estate investigations in New York, Vincent Parco P.I. can handle it all.

Vincent Parco P.I. is very professional in his approach but at the same time, he cares for the privacy of the clients who trusts Vincent with their secrets. Vincent Parco is excellent as a private investigator. The way he is known to address and carry out real estate investigations in New York is  commendable. He has proven expertise in all phases of landlord and tenant issues that includes illegal apartment activity, illegal subtenants, tenant background checks, superintendent investigations, Succession rights, closed circuit camera installation and more.

Company president, Vincent Parco, has been deemed an expert in loft board and landlord/tenant hearings. Vincent Parco P.I., offers free consultations and security analysis to help minimize one’s real estate risk. He is also a Certified Fraud Examiner, Certified Forensic Examiner, Supervising Senior Medical Conduct Investigator Office of Professional Conduct, Association of Legal Medical Investigative Experts Former President and  World Investigators Network Former President.

About The Company

Vincent Parco P.I. is one of the reputed real estate investigators known to carry out real estate investigations in New York, background checks, civil and criminal evidence investigations, home business security investigations and more.

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