...............G Awards Weapons of Mass Generosity and Collateral Benefits for Family Fundraising to Live Like Billionaires

Families are awarded donor designed, brand-sponsored, advertising-supported Charity Mansion Receptions for unlimited guests. Donated funds are paid directly to a family's beloved causes.

Deer Valley Charity Mansion 1999-2011

  In the weeks following 9/11, Smart Card Professionals, LLC. (G) lost $100 million, closed 22 U.S. offices, and served thousands of businesses without profits for 16 years... but others lost so much more. 

Today, G  awards millions of donor designed fundraising prizes, raffles, sweepstakes, treasure hunts, gifting suites, contests, advertising, and family film productions.  Each accepted bid inspires fan clubs and sponsors to collaboratively make a difference for those in need.  G supports fan clubs that serve families with virtually no luxury limits for a fully sponsored birthday, anniversary, graduation, wedding, memorial, retirement, or any holiday receptions in mansions anytime in the future.

G's ambassadors govern each club's volunteers to best design and approve bids using a co-branded Fundraising Prize Centers with millions of customized websites as exampled by www.LiveLikeBillionaires.org.  Throughout a relaxed bid process, family and friends get to explore the fan club possibilities to design a private reception with exclusive in-kind and title sponsors.  Winning web designs and films are to be copyrighted, paid royalties, and nominated to win Generosity Awards.

Local fan clubs members respond to requests by aspiring families to design fundraising prizes with a choice of white house, embassy and charity mansions.  Guests are invited to personally contribute to receive a personal valet, makeup team, and concierge for the fundraising family's luxury reception experience.  Design a bid, earn a bid, volunteer for a bid, or enter an email to win a bid to live like billionaires.  G volunteers and sponsors  pledge to design mansion gifting suites and exclusive experiences. Sponsors get authentic third-party public recognition and relationships that complement social and mass media that inspires everyone to live like billionaires.

Fan clubs never touch the donated funds or engage title and in-kind local sponsors.  G's bespoke bid process legally provides every sponsor and In-kind transaction to best each fundraising prize.  Net sponsorship proceeds are shared with club members on a merit-based G score system.  G's Ambassadors will administer thousands of mansion makeovers, millions of private receptions, unlimited direct donations, promote a sponsor's contributions, and document the benefited non-profit's productivity.

There is never to be a participation fee for fan club members, businesses, sponsors, cities, celebrities, sports teams, politicians or world leaders.  However, limited availability will book well in advance of the reception.  The public is welcome without a cost because the clubs generate significant sponsorship fees, and local commitments using G's resources to introduce an evolving plan to make family fundraisers more generous, profitable and rewarding for everyone.  Donors pay causes directly to receive non-profit, IRS and G Score recognition. 

About Smart Card Professionals, LLC:

G represents a 42-year-old payments authority having installed the earliest; online authorizations ('75-'83) for American Express, payment capture systems in '87 for RMBC,  custom gift cards for everyone ('82 & '97), and remote check deposits in '94.  G's partners pioneered the earliest agent relationships with Visa ('87), MasterCard ('87),  American Express ('75-'94), NACHA (ECP-'95), Mellon Bank ('96), Key Corp ("94), Global/NDC ('96), PMT ('97), and RMBC ('87) . Today, G's fundraising resources can improve virtually any customer relationship by collaborating with local ambassadors, fan clubs, generous families, celebrity hosts, and millions of collaborating fundraisers. 

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Source: Smart Card Professionals, Llc.

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