...............SCP Inspires Hollywood.., Weapons of Mass Generosity.., and Collateral Benefits.., to Fundraise for Hospitals

Cities, schools, businesses, and charities share brand sponsored, celebrity-themed private receptions in Charity Mansions and Fundraising Embassies so 100% of funds raised benefits medical caregivers, first responders, survivors, and hospitals.

Deer Valley Charity Mansion 1999-2011

 After 9/11 16 years ago, Electronic Check Processing now SCP lost a life's work, $100 million, shut down 30 offices, and served thousands without profits for 16 years... but others lost so much more that day.  Today SCP aspires to executive produce endless documentary films about priceless fundraising prizes captured by talented student filmmakers to fund local hospitals.  

SCP compensates a sponsor's volunteer teams with competitive resources to immediately begin construction in local Charity Mansions, Fundraising Embassies, Branded Birthday Receptions, gifting suites, and entertainment premieres. Hospital underwriting receptions can now be hilarious, healing and rewarding.  Every detail of this game is to be challenged with innovative features to best benefit hospitals and win serious student prizes!

Volunteers love bespoke receptions and organizing a family's personal sponsors to go all in.  Bid now at www.livelikebillionaires.org to begin negotiations with charming volunteers to "request" sponsored details.  Student productions will inspire families to give like billionaires today to privately party like billionaires on their birthdays.

All negotiated bids get a brand-sponsored reception with impossibly luxurious features in a choice of local mansions and vacation embassies. Register to live like billionaires serving big givers and big brand hospital sponsors. Which World leader will guarantee your success and each guest's great satisfaction in a fundraising game well-played?

Michael McCormick, SCP's Co-founder

SCP pays talented volunteers, ambassadors, fellows, brands, cities, teams, and schools to help with all prize details and receptions.  SCP sells sponsorships to pay the bills and profit to offer Credit For Giving to make donations more valuable and interest-free.  Ultimately, big givers pay hospitals directly.   Independently, SCP awards sponsored Charity Mansion Receptions.  Sponsors pay the bills and live like fundraising heroes.  Volunteers get to live like billionaires.  Hospitals get cold cash to save lives.  And, no world leader will show so just live like billionaires!

Family, friends, and neighbors can enter zip code sized school sweepstakes offering world-sized private receptions at no cost or price!  Donors simply give, get prizes for giving any way they want, and enter their email themselves for a perfect G Score.   Legally, prize offerings are privately imagined, publically shared, and charmingly organized by talented and competitive student winners.  Register an email now for well-organized fundraisers with the World's Most Generous... Charity Mansions.  Queen for Day meets The Hunger Games!

Smart Card Professionals (SCP), is a California partnership offering reception sponsorships, deeply collaborative promotions, medical fundraising prizes, and innovative hospitality services. 


represents a 42-year-old payment authority having installed the earliest; online authorization systems in '77, draft capture systems in '87, local gift cards in '97, remote check deposit (ECP) in '94.  SCP has served financial institutions by designing ground-breaking contracts in the earliest/first agent relationship with Visa ('87), Mastercard ('87), Amex ('94), NACHA-ECP ('95), Mellon Bank ('97), Key Corp ("94), Global/NDC ('96), PMT ('97), RMBC ('87) . Today, SCP's fundraisers will supersize agent relationships serving big givers and heroic sponsors.

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