...............The WMG Foundation Invites the World's Leading Families, Past and Present to Recognize, Reward, and Honor Big Givers

Cities, schools, and businesses can now support auditioning volunteers to share the glory in a presidentially inspired $50 billion fundraising objective to fund 9/11, Irma, and Harvey survivors, destination cities, competitive schools, and Freedom's troops with honor so causes get all the cash without restrictions.

Deer Valley Charity Mansion 1999-2011

 After 9/11, 16 years ago today, Electronic Check Processing (ECP) and subsequently, Smart Card Professionals' (SCP) lost $100 million, shuttered 30 offices, and continued operations without profits for 16 years but others lost much much more.  Today, the WMG Foundation (G) introduces GenerUosity, a $50 billion fundraising plan for businesses and non-profits, and a new independent personal payments authority for consumers called the Better Banking Bureau featuring G Scores.   

G's 20-year mission now offers sponsors generous strategies that can repurpose future advertising budgets into unrestricted cash commitments now for beloved charities.  Auditioning volunteers are offered UpFrontCash, Charity Mansion Makeovers and Charity Mansion Receptions for 50 guests. 

"G"  educates volunteers to best offer local sponsors relationships that reward and recognize deserving families with 4k films featuring each honoree's chosen sponsors, presidential host, family members, and friends requiring only a donation.

"G and SCP offers sponsors upgrades for advertising, sales, media, and rewards while serving a unique audience of big givers and 50 guests who deserve to celebrate in G's Charity Mansions virtually anywhere winning bidders choose to vacation and celebrate their birthday, anniversary, wedding and holiday celebrations in 2017."

Michael McCormick, G's Co-founder

G's rewards are submitted to the 2017 GenerUosity Awards on New Year's Eve and volunteers win the right to recognize and reward famous families, sponsors, and most esteemed hosts during each mansion reception.

Smart Card Professionals (SCP), is a California partnership engaged to manage all sponsor engagement services, budgets, funding requests, awards, and hospitality services exclusively for the WMG Foundation.

About The WMG Foundation:

is a Family Foundation benefiting fundraising initiatives, founded by Michael and Jean McCormick.  Today, “G” is transitioning to professionally serve more donors with an unlimited supply and demand for G's Charity Mansion Receptions.

About SCP:

SCP is a 16-year-old California payments authority, introduced gift cards '97, remote check deposit (ECP) '96, and distributed smarter cards nationwide.

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G is a personal, private, and professional fundraising initiative to inspire auditioning volunteers to reward and recognize big givers without costs... so 100% of funds get to important causes.

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