Gen Z High School Students From Blueprint Consulting Go Green With Products Made From Plastic

One of the most defining characteristics of Generation Z is its readiness to take action against social issues. The young but radical minds come up with numerous ways to spread awareness regarding world crises. Such was the case for eight high school students who met while volunteering at Dream Love School to teach young children with health disabilities. With every passing volunteer session, they realized that they shared an interest in becoming leaders to make a change for the better. What started as a simple spark of interest evolved into a passion. The students set up a simple plan: to devise a business plan to raise awareness of the social impacts on the environment and state the responsibility of all individuals in one society - a team. Hence, the brand Wolfpack was made.

All prevailing global calls for action have one common key to success: the sense of teamwork in a unified group that stands for a cause. The eight accepted this as an undeniable fact, and having come from diverse backgrounds, including the United States, Hong Kong, and South Korea, it was their utmost priority to ensure that their brand was nondiscriminatory. The students concluded their brand name as Wolfpack after researching how wolves lived to form a collective unit that established an unshakable bond and fought to protect each other. The unparalleled loyalty in the pack was a suitable representation of people would form a team to fight against pollution and protect the global community. No matter the race, gender, religion, age, nationality, or sexual orientation, anyone could join the "wolf pack." To these students, what mattered was the will to heal the world all of us share.

Wolfpack sells products that are made from sustainable rPET material. PET bottles are extremely difficult to dispose of. In fact, a large number of them is buried underground and discarded. Recycling these bottles and creating fabric for practical use creates an alternative method of getting rid of unwanted plastic. This material is eco-friendly as widespread usage can reduce air, water, and land pollution. The brand's products are made to endure and protect what is inside while looking trendy. Each product carries the brand's logo, which symbolizes the wolf to signify membership to a union that represents eco-friendly spending. To add a twist of Gen Z, the backpacks and laptop bags include Velcro on the outside to allow people to uniquely decorate their bags.

In following their business plan, the eight face the problem of funding. As students, the amount of progress they can make without proper funding is minimal. They will be using Kickstarter, an innovational platform that provides an opportunity to receive crowdfunding, to reach out to those who are willing to help. The smallest donations could make the biggest difference. Their website will soon launch, and much is to be expected from these eager entrepreneurs.

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