Game Changing Technologies Announces Design and Branding Partnership With Sightbox Studios

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Game Changing Technologies ("GCT") announced today that they have formed a partnership with Sightbox Studios, a Los Angeles-based design and branding studio. Holding over 120 gaming licenses for Tribal and non-Tribal casinos in more than 20 states across the country, GCT has established this partnership with Sightbox Studios to further enhance their capabilities to help their clients and prospective clients be successful. By working together with their mutual understanding of the specific importance of branding and public presentation along with GCT's insight into the gaming technology industry, this partnership brings added value to both company's abilities. An example of this partnership is evident in the complete rebranding of Quick Custom Intelligence lead by the Sightbox creative team that has been successfully executed across many mediums including digital, print and trade show designs.

"Today's businesses need to be on the cutting edge of branding and design," said Andrew Cardno, CEO of GCT. "We're proud to partner with an experienced studio that understands the power of sophisticated branding in the technology sector, and we're excited to continue our growth together."

"This partnership is a wonderful opportunity for both companies," said Charlie Hinojosa, CEO at Sightbox. "With over a decade of experience working to build powerful brands across different industries, we're looking forward to sharing our experience with the gaming industry technology leaders at GCT."


Game Changing Technologies, Inc. ("GCT") provides "game-changing" technologies and solutions to the gaming industry (Tribal and non-Tribal). GCT is a well-recognized leader in the industry. Today's fast-changing and complex business environment requires sophisticated tools and specialized expertise. That is why GCT works hard to make available the best technology solutions to the gaming industry to help casino operators improve both operational performance and customer experience. Through strong and well-proven partnerships, GCT brings operators the best technologies in the industry, which combined with GCT's own highly sought-after expertise, provides a winning and reliable solution for operators. The Speed of You partnership allows GCT to now offer technology solutions directly to the Tribes themselves for the benefit of Tribal members and future generations.

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Andrew Cardno, CEO


During its ten-year existence, Sightbox has helped successfully launch and support over 100 startups and enterprise clients through product design, web design, brand building, and marketing. Headquartered in Southern California, their growing team of talented designers, developers, and strategists possess the experience of over 30 industries and the diversity of over seven countries. Their team works with founders, VCs, and industry leaders daily to pursue ambitious visions for inspiring brands.

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Charlie Hinojosa, CEO

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