FlexStation - New Release for Data Erasure Appliance Allows Hot-Swapping Capabilities

The new software release for FlexStation allows clients to hot-swap drives without restarting the appliance. This new capability provides clients speed efficiencies to replace wiped drives with unprocessed drives.

WhiteCanyon Software, the global leader in data sanitization software, has announced the release of new features for the FlexStation. The new features include hot-swapping capabilities of drives without rebooting the device.

The FlexStation is a standalone appliance that allows for the secure erasure of up to 24 2.5" and 3.5" drives. The FlexStation is compatible with SSD, platter-based, SAS and SATA drives and is typically employed in a high-volume, loose-drive erasure environment for AMS/ITAD or large corporations.

The FlexStation runs on the WipeDrive Enterprise platform to display and erase connected drives. The software and hardware combination displays the drive size and potential mechanical issues with the drive. The FlexStation also includes the following features:

• 24 Reinforced Bays
• All Bays Support 2.5" and 3.5" Drives for an All-In-One Solution
• Supports SATA and SAS Drives (SSD and Platter-Based)
• Four Backplanes Manage the 24 Bays
• Includes One-Year Warranty

WhiteCanyon's CEO Paul Katzoff says it's WhiteCanyon's customer-first philosophy to help AMS/ITADs improve their processing speed and save on cost with the FlexStation. 

"Deployed throughout the world in many environments, the FlexStation is a proven solution for e-recycle and internal data security processes. This release increases the processing rate of loose hard drives and makes the FlexStation more competitive," says Paul Katzoff, CEO. "Loose drives are a major concern for organizations and a simple system to wipe them is an important part of any internal data security policy."

The new feature allows clients to remove a wiped or malfunctioned drive and replace it with an un-processed drive without replacing other drives or rebooting the FlexStation. The ability for clients to process a higher volume of drives in a shorter time period will lower costs and increase margins. The new feature is included with the WipeDrive Enterprise license.  

About WhiteCanyon Software

WhiteCanyon Software is the world leader in data sanitization software and has been providing data wipe software - WipeDrive, SecureClean and SystemSaver - for over 20 years. The codebase for WipeDrive has never left the USA and all programming, support and sales are performed at their Utah headquarters.

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