External Surface Security App From Reposify Now Available on Cortex

​​​​​​Reposify today announced the availability of its app on Cortexby Palo Alto Networks - the industry's only open and integrated AI-based continuous security platform. Building on Cortex allows Cortex partners to use normalized and stitched-together data from customers' entire enterprises to build cloud-based apps that constantly deliver innovative cybersecurity capabilities to joint customers.

Reposify's External Surface Security app allows enterprises to become aware of their blind spots, prevent Shadow-IT in real time and gain visibility and control over their assets globally. The platform allows customers to "zoom in" and explore their company's visible and invisible perimeter, discover assets and the global external surface, identify Palo Alto Networks devices, keep track of supply chain security standards, assess merger and acquisition targets, and much more. The app can be used to draw actionable remediation steps using its asset classification & association mechanism, risk prioritization algorithm, security stack integrations, global perimeter insights, and more.

"Reposify's External Surface Security app allows customers to manage and understand the rapidly changing world of digital assets and ensure any blind spots are being protected their Palo Alto Networks products," says Lihi Ben Arie, head of product at Reposify. "Customers can utilize Reposify's data to become fully aware of both their official, as well as unofficial assets. By looking at the wider picture, and not just their known assets, customers can now significantly reduce the chance of being blindsided by unknown threats. We are honored to be a part of Cortex and help our mutual clients get a clear picture of their external surface vulnerabilities."

"Cortex partners can leverage the vast amount of rich data available from across the enterprise to create AI-based innovations that provide more automated and accurate security outcomes to our joint customers," said Karan Gupta, SVP of engineering for Cortex at Palo Alto Networks. "We're proud to welcome Reposify to our expanding ecosystem of developers building innovative apps."

Cortex is designed to radically simplify and significantly improve security outcomes. Deployed on a global, scalable public cloud platform, Cortex allows security teams to speed the analysis of massive data sets. Cortex is enabled by the Cortex Data Lake, where customers can securely and privately store and analyze large amounts of data normalized for advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning to find threats and orchestrate responses quickly.


Reposify's app is now available worldwide to customers on the Cortex hub.

About Reposify

Reposify's SaaS platform ensures organizations everywhere are able to effortlessly manage their external surface by shedding light on possible security and configuration issues, reducing their exposure, eliminating their attack surface and providing security teams with practical tools and insights to allow them to easily take actionable remediation steps in securing their perimeter.

Reposify was founded and built by a team of experts with broad, multidisciplinary experience in cybersecurity, cloud infrastructure and software development, coming together to change organizations' approach towards asset discovery and management and help them achieve cyber resilience.

Contact: info@reposify.com

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Reposify is an innovative external surface management solution on an Internet-scale with no installation required that allows enterprises to become aware of their blind spots, prevent Shadow-IT, and gain visibility and control over their assets.

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