Engagement Platform, Loop & Tie Launches Salesforce App to Enhance Customer Gifting Experience

New app combines Loop & Tie's choice-based giving with the extensibility of Salesforce, delivering an individualized gifting platform for employees and clients

Loop & Tie Salesforce App

Loop & Tie, the leading engagement platform that helps businesses connect with employees and customers through gifting, announced today that it has launched a new app for Salesforce. With Loop & Tie's customer gifting platform, users can send one or 10,000 gifts within only minutes. Now available for download from AppExchange, users can seamlessly install the app across their Salesforce instance and start sending right away. 

"At Loop & Tie, we're continuously thinking about ways we can harness the power of technology to help more people connect," said Sara Rodell, Founder and CEO of Loop & Tie. "The pull we feel to recognize and celebrate each other through gifting is a beautiful, timeless sentiment. By offering Salesforce users the ability to send gifts directly from their application, we can more quickly empower humanized gifting experiences for companies." 

Loop & Tie users interested in tying their CRM to engagement-based gifting can now rely on Salesforce as their home base for tracking customer relationships and outreach. By adding gifting as an engagement tool within the Salesforce environment, Loop & Tie is helping users enhance their client outreach with a tangible, memorable exchange. Loop & Tie provides an individualized customer experience that builds long-lasting relationships and the data teams need to understand campaign efficacy, all in a socially-conscious platform that, through gifting, supports a community of diverse, small business suppliers. 

The Loop & Tie gift platform creates a meaningful customer experience that maps to businesses' needs for scalability and tracking. Building within Salesforce helps companies deliver a thoughtful touch that is a cornerstone of strong relationships, all within a trackable framework that helps customers measure the ROI of their gift programs. 

Since 2011, Loop & Tie has been changing the way businesses think about gifting. Disrupting the $125B corporate gifting industry, the choice-based gifting platform lets businesses replace the dated practice of sending the same boring, one-size-fits-all gift to everyone. Instead, senders create curated gift collections with items from over 500 small businesses. Recipients then select their favorite item, or choose to donate its value to charity, making the gift exchange a new source of data and communication.

"We see an exciting opportunity to connect the purchasing power that corporations have with small businesses while reducing the waste associated with unwanted gifts," Rodell added. "We're proud to stand out from our competitors by helping large companies more easily shop small through our selection of gifts from over 500 artisan and BIPOC-owned makers."

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Loop & Tie is the first and only carbon regenerative corporate gifting platform, enabling direct mail and gifting programs businesses can feel good about. Focused on sustainability at scale, Loop & Tie marketplace gifts are selected to bring corporate gifting budgets to small and artisan makers, women-owned businesses, BIPOC- and minority-owned businesses, and businesses making a direct positive impact on environmental sustainability issues. Founded in 2017, Loop & Tie is privately held and headquartered in Austin, TX, with a fully remote, global workforce.

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