Elizabeth Quintino's New Book 'Deception: Introduction to an Italian Saga Brought to Life' is a Powerful Work That Insists Vigilance is Crucial to Protect Children.

Elizabeth Quintino, a gifted writer and mother, has completed her most recent book “Deception: Introduction to an Italian Saga Brought to Life”: which explores how in a perfect world, child abuse would not exist, and children would not live in fear of the demons that search them out tormenting their every waking moment and sleepless nights. Unless and until that long-awaited day arrives, responsible and Godly adults must take on the role of guardians to all children they come in contact with.

Elizabeth says, “By reading this book, you will experience tears of sadness followed by tears of joy, despair, hope, failure, accomplishments, guilt, innocence, hatred, and love. Most of all, you will witness the miracle of a life that was able to hold his mother’s hand and pull her out of the darkness of night into the light of day.”

Published by Fulton Books, Elizabeth Quintino’s book discusses sexual and physical abuses and how they are not easily spoken of in society. Many people would rather handle it the same way they did in the past generations with all too many children, locking it away and never speaking of it ever again.

Denying this abuse taking place and keeping it hidden in the closet can cause mental, emotional and psychological damage to the children violated. Many endured sleepless nights with recurring nightmares into their adult lives knowing they were violated by people they respected and loved—parents, relatives, friends, neighbors, and caregivers.

A vigilant parent should always take notice of the way a child reacts to any adult or caregiver when in their presence. In most instances, these are the people who most likely violate the child. Not all friends, relatives, and caregivers are there to violate children, but there are some who will take advantage of the relationship as a safe harbor for their own self-gratification.

Readers who wish to experience this eye-opening work can purchase “Deception: Introduction to an Italian Saga Brought to Life” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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