- Keochang Stages Festival Of Performing Arts Between 29 July And 9 August 2011 highlights that South Korea's Keochang will be hosting one of the country's leading performing arts festivals that will gather talented actors and artists from countries internationally.

Along with the Korean artists, groups from the UK, Japan, Hungary, Germany and Slovakia will be travelling to take part and showcasing the different performance entertainment from their native countries.

The display of global theatrical talent is for the Keochang International Festival of Theatre. Theatre in various forms will be carried out at the event to give audiences an insight into the popular styles used overseas while visitors can see the culture of Korean theatre. Comedy, drama and plays about love are due to appear along with dance, musicals and the increasingly popular street theatre.

Around 50 teams of performers will be re-enacting more than 200 shows and attendees can catch these at venues citywide. Locations include the Sun, Festival and Freedom Theatres which are all outdoor stages to allow people to enjoy the acting along with the summer weather as the festival runs between 29th July and 9th August 2011.

People arriving from cheap Seoul Airport hotels can also head to the Rainbow theatre which is unique as it's South Korea's only theatre that actually floats on water.

Lek Boonlert, marketing head at commented: "The festival is well known and coming into its 22nd year the number of attendees is expected to be as high as ever. Hotels will be overrun with guests so advanced bookings should be made online."