Digitech Wins EMS Product Innovation Award

Interactive symptom heatmap was rapidly developed and deployed to clients at the height of COVID-19

Digitech, the leading provider of EMS billing and technology, is pleased to announce that the company's Symptom Map solution has been named an EMS World Innovation Awards 2021 winner.

Digitech's Symptom Map, part of the company's proprietary billing platform, is an interactive heat map that allows EMS agencies to geospatially track call locations and responding crews. Symptom Map users can track any diagnosis code or provider impression, map the concentration of EMS responses to specific symptoms, and drill into individual claims to see all account details, including the complete patient care report.

The development of Digitech's Symptom Map was driven by the COVID-19 crisis. In early March 2020, it became clear that COVID-19 would have a significant impact on EMS operations everywhere, and Digitech drew upon its history of rapidly delivering solutions in response to evolving needs. A client approached Digitech with a request to help them understand how and where the virus was spreading within their constituency. The request was swiftly passed to its development team. Within days, Garrett Anger, senior developer at Digitech, had delivered a prototype of the heatmap.

With just a few refinements, the solution was made available to all clients before the end of March 2020, just two weeks after COVID-19 was declared a Public Health Emergency. EMS leaders among Digitech's client base began to put it to use immediately. For example, Sullivan County Health Department in Tennessee used the Symptom Map to determine where they could most effectively deploy mobile testing stations and maximize resource utilization. Built-in integrations with other tools in Digitech's technology platform enabled administrators to display COVID-related pickup locations regardless of the provider's impression.

EMS World holds their esteemed Innovation Awards contest to recognize the most pioneering products of the year that have the potential to transform EMS care. Previously, Digitech won the prestigious award in 2013 for its PCR Lens field data collection aggregation and improvement tool. EMS World Innovation Award judges noted that Digitech's Symptom Map is "an original and useful way to track health concerns and environmental dangers in a given jurisdiction or patient populations."

"We are honored to receive the recognition of this 2021 EMS World Innovation Award," said Walt Pickett, Chief Operating Officer for Digitech. "The award is a testament to Digitech's continuing commitment to innovation that is responsive to our customers' needs."

About Digitech

Digitech is a leading provider of advanced billing and technology services to the EMS transport industry. Since its founding in 1984, Digitech has refined its software platform to create a cloud-based billing and business intelligence solution that monitors and automates the EMS revenue lifecycle. Digitech balances its proprietary technology with deeply experienced human oversight to deliver fully outsourced services that maximize collections, protect compliance, and deliver results for clients. For more information, visit digitechcomputer.com.

Press Contact: Rachel Wilson, rwilson@digitechcomputer.com

Source: Digitech