Customers Get Free Tamales From Local Marketplace Along With an Opportunity to Converse With Redlands Peace Officers

Residents and peace officers are joining together to enjoy free tamales, coffee, and conversations this Thursday at Redlands Ranch Market's Tamales with Peace Officers event, for those interested in asking questions, voicing concerns, and getting to know one another over delicious food.

Local marketplace Redlands Ranch Market is excited to invite the Redlands community, and others interested, to its upcoming Tamales with Peace Officers event where free tamales will be served. The event will take place on Thursday, November 12, and will begin at 10 a.m. and will last for three hours, ending at 1 p.m. As the event name describes, the marketplace will be hosting this event for peace officers and residents alike to eat free tamales and engage in honest, enjoyable conversations with one another. Thus, the event could be likened to a family reunion where there are many personalities and, as a result, many conversations to be had. With the right circumstances, such as free homemade tamales and free hot cups of coffee, the marketplace hopes to support these relationships throughout the community.

The event motto is, "Building relationships, one tamale at a time." With this, the marketplace is stressing the importance of building relationships around the community, regardless of background, upbringing, culture, and the like. "We wanted to show appreciation for our community and for those working hard to keep our Redlands community safe," the marketplace says, "and we wanted to give the community a special chance to show their personal support to the peace officers, and vice versa." The marketplace, which focuses on foods from various cultures, including Mexican culture, finds that the best way to establish this goal is by filling bellies with good, authentic (and free) food and filling minds and hearts with good, authentic conversations. And tamales are no stranger to Redlands Ranch Marketplace. In fact, each end-of-year holiday season, the marketplace creates fresh tamales from scratch, from the tamale wrap to the various tamale fillings. As such, providing free tamales as a predominantly Hispanic-inspired marketplace is fitting.

This special collaboration with Redlands PD is established to help to bridge the gap between the protectors and those protected. With this event, there is no superiority or inferiority; people who are interested in the well-being of themselves and those around them would find this opportunity unique and satisfying.

Redlands Ranch Market firmly believes that everyone in the community plays an important role, and it wants to uphold this belief by bringing the different roles within the community together into one spot. By having people join together for food and conversation, relationships can be built. "Those in the community will not only be able to talk with the peace officers of Redlands," the marketplace says, "but everybody will also be able to do so over fresh, delicious, authentic, and free tamales in addition to a hot cup of coffee!"

Don't second-guess it. Stop by the marketplace for comida, coffee, and conversations this Thursday for free tamales, and more. Everyone is sure to leave satisfied, both in belly and in thought.

About Redlands Ranch Market

Redlands Ranch Market is a grocery market located in the Inland Empire in Redlands, California. The market sells affordable, authentic international food items including Arabic/Mediterranean, Asian/South Pacific, Eastern European, Ethiopian/Eritrean/East African, and Indian food and ingredients. Redlands Ranch Market also offers ready-to-eat Hispanic cuisine seven days a week throughout the year. The family-run business makes quality a priority, preparing all of these dishes from scratch. Redlands Ranch Market has been providing international cuisine options and high quality to the Inland Empire since 1996. Learn more at

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