Credit Repair Software Specialist Guarantees Total Business Solution For Credit Repair Businesses

Providing all the resources needed to operate a business "under one roof" and for one low monthly fee, solves the most pressing problem of credit repair professionals.

Technology has been proven reliable when it comes to simplifying otherwise tedious or complicated jobs, with the credit improvement task among them. To facilitate and streamline steps for improving credit scores, programming geniuses have created the credit repair software and tools that abound online. Many of the popular programs offered by credit repair companies out there, however, have lots of lavish, costly features that, in truth are, unnecessary.

Offering professional quality credit repair software and more, the Ethical Credit Repair Alliance or ECRA makes it possible for the credit repair professional to streamline his/her business and drastically cut operating costs, while at the same time boost profits by bringing in more clients and improving client retention. explains that unlike other credit repair offerings, the ECRA does away with very expensive and demanding access to credit repair tools from a number of diverse sources; a task that is both difficult and time consuming.

For a monthly membership fee equivalent to the price of the most popular credit repair software programs alone, the ECRA members have access to professional quality credit repair software, plus all the various other tools needed to operate, market and grow a credit repair business. The ECRA members also enjoy web-based professional quality client management and credit repair software, comparable to other high-end programs. clarifies that the ECRA does not charge for "add-ons" to its software, as the affordable monthly fee is inclusive of software extras, such the "Client Gateway" and "Broker Gateway" in the CMS software. Members at the ECRA can also take advantage of additional tools available through the website, including marketing resources, customer incentives, revenue enhancements, continued training, access to a merchant account application specific to the industry, a "Client Newsletter," referral commissions, and a financial education course.

The ECRA also provides its members a vibrant community where like-minded individuals can interact. Members can even hire Virtual Assistants who are pre-trained in the credit repair process, and at discounted rates unheard of anywhere else.

Forging credibility in its credit repair operations, ECRA members are required to agree to a "Professional Code of Ethics," with its business listed on the public website. Members may even have their own webpage on the site, and may advertise their company with an official "Member Certificate" and ECRA Member logo to display.

Interested individuals may contact the ECRA at 513-800-1245 or call the toll free number at 888-750-0719. The ECRA can also be reached by e-mail at or visit for further information.

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