Credit Bureau 2.0 Trademark Registered to Trust Science, for Its Exclusive Use

Trust Science® and its sister companies around the world are licensed to use the mark.

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The parent company of USA Inc. ("Trust Science") has obtained official, exclusive registration over the use of "Credit Bureau 2.0" as a trademark from the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office. Trust Science® and its sister companies around the world are licensed to use the mark.

Trust Science® has invested many years and double-digits of millions of dollars into building its AI-powered Credit Bureau 2.0® SaaS.

Trust Science both acquires consented consumer data, and alternative data about people, and then runs its patent-protected AI/ML on that data to allow lenders to give deserving people the money they deserve. In practical terms, this means lenders can profitably increase originations, decrease defaults, and lower OpEx (e.g. with easier & more automation of underwriting) in a risk-reduced manner.

As a universal credit scoring service, Credit Bureau 2.0® helps impart financial inclusion to the ~75 Million American adult consumers with an old, conventional subprime credit score, as well as the 3+ billion other consumers in the world who have no proper scoring available at all.

Trust Science is sifting Prime-quality loan applicants out of the wrongly-scored, so-called subprime population in North America, Latin America, and Africa.

According to Trust Science's Founder and CEO, "The trademark 'Credit Bureau 2.0' over which we now enjoy exclusive use announces to the world that Trust Science is leading a modernization drive toward the next generation of credit scoring and data-driven marketing services in the Financial sector. Combining our AI/ML and our Explainable AI ("xAI") technology with truly unique data that we source in a proprietary way results in a highly predictive score (Six°Score​TM) about the creditworthiness of people anywhere in the world." Evan concludes with, "Now that Trust Science has over 30 patents granted to it by 12 different countries--with many more patents pending--the 'Credit Bureau 2.0' trademark will help Trust Science to brand its leadership position."

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Trust Science® builds and delivers Credit Bureau 2.0®. This is the world's leading provider of AI-sourced and AI-analyzed alternative data to generate highly predictive credit scores for lenders around the world. Trust Science sifts Prime-quality loan applicants out of the wrongly-scored, so-called Subprime pool. Optionally, the system can also obtain consented mobile data using its patented (30+ patents across 12 countries) data collection methods. Lenders get increases in their loan origination volumes, reduction in default rates and double-digit ROI thanks to reduced OpEx from more automation and fewer human errors. Trust Science is a winner of the Red Herring North America Top 100 award, and "Smartest Companies to Watch" from Cherokee Media.

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​Evan Chrapko​
Founder & CEO, Trust Science group of companies

Trust Science and Credit Bureau 2.0 are registered trademarks of Inc.

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Trust Science provides AI-powered alternative credit scoring to lenders, helping them sift prime borrowers from wrongly scored subprime applicants.

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