Countach Research Opens Its Flagship Alpha Advisory Newsletter to Retail Investors

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Investment research firm Countach Research is proud to announce that they have opened their flagship investment newsletter to new clients. The "Countach's Alpha Advisory" newsletter is one of the best performing stock recommendation sources for both industry professionals and everyday investors.

"Countach Research's mission is to empower investors with the highest quality investment ideas and market insights. Countach's unique views on global markets and investment opportunities have continuously served its clients well through all market conditions. After an incredible period of growth in 2017, the service closed down to new subscription applicants, and the company's focus shifted towards expanding upon its partnerships with institutional investors, as well as the portfolio at Countach Capital. After a waiting period of 21 months, new clients were able to subscribe again, since today's morning, at a reduced annual price of $495," said Tobias van Gils, Countach Research's Founder. "At this price, all investors will have the opportunity to gain access to the insights and ideas that hedge fund managers use on a monthly basis and that have outperformed the S&P 500 for the past five consecutive years. Countach Research is confident that this is the best value available within the investment research industry."

A Sample of The Alpha Advisory

As a special promotion, new visitors to Countach Research can now get access to the most recent monthly report free of charge. This report covers multiple new positions that Countach Capital is opening, along with a variety of other great insights. The link, with access to this report, is reserved solely for those coming through this website. Click here to access.

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Countach Research is an independent publisher of investment research, serving both individual investors and institutional investors. Countach Research backs every recommendation with actual investments for Countach Capital and shares its positions with subscribers in the model portfolio. Countach Research does not participate in any paid work with other public companies, to ensure there is no conflict of interest. Countach Research has served investors on all continents around the world, providing in-depth research on stocks, currencies, commodities, real estate and alternative assets.

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