Contract Pharmacal Corp. Welcomes Larry Lapila as Vice President of Business Development

Contract Pharmacal Corp., (CPC), a leading contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) for the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries, is pleased to welcome Larry Lapila to the team as Vice President of Business Development. Lapila has decades of experience as a seasoned executive in the pharmaceutical industry and has spent his entire career building sales and driving growth and profitability of organizations. Most recently, Lapila served as President of Breckenridge Pharmaceutical and Florida Pharmaceutical Products, LLC. 

In his new role at CPC, Lapila will be responsible for the development and execution of CPC's strategy to drive sales, increase revenue, expand markets, and accomplish financial objectives. Lapila will be working closely with CPC's executive management and research and development teams to identify opportunities to develop new products and key growth opportunities in the market. He will also work collaboratively to develop programs that leverage the market position of CPC and cultivate relations with potential business partners. 

"We're very happy that Larry is joining our team," said Matt Wolf, CEO of Contract Pharmacal Corp. "His 40 years of experience qualifies him as a generic pharmaceutical veteran and his proven track record and leadership experience in supply chain, sales and marketing, and business development will be an asset to CPC as we continue to grow."

"I'm thrilled to join CPC and capitalize on all business development endeavors," said Lapila. "I've held many different roles in the pharmaceutical industry and am excited to evaluate and execute on continuous improvement programs at CPC that lead directly to improved sales and project flow."

Operating for over 52 years since 1971, CPC is one of the oldest and largest leaders in the vitamin and OTC pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, providing a sterling regulatory record, best possible pricing, and industry-leading customer service. Lapila's addition to the team will help CPC leverage relationships to grow market share, service volume, and increase brand recognition.  


About Contract Pharmacal Corp. (CPC): 

CPC develops, manufactures, and packages solid-dose drugs and dietary supplements. As one of the oldest and largest leaders in the vitamin and OTC pharmaceutical industry, CPC employs more than 1,250 highly skilled professionals based in Hauppauge, NY, with facilities totaling almost a million square feet. The company also markets its own in-house vitamin and supplement brand, Earth's Splendor, which launched its e-commerce website this year. 

CPC develops approximately 100 new products per year with more than 5,000 products commercialized since 1971 and has the capacity to support manufacturing 25 billion tablets and capsules, 250 million bottles, and 3 billion sachets annually. CPC's customers rank among the world's top pharmaceutical companies, retailers, and wholesalers. More than 60 customers around the globe rely on CPC from the early stages of product innovation and development to commercial manufacturing and packaging. 

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About Contract Pharmacal Corp.

CPC is one of the oldest and largest leaders in the vitamin and pharmaceutical industry - developing, manufacturing and packaging solid dose drugs and dietary supplements in Hauppauge, NY. Learn more at

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