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LAS VEGAS, NV - Cenegenics Elite Health is taking Age Management Medicine to a whole new level by entering into an exclusive partnership with New Amsterdam Genomics (NAG), the leading national provider of genetic testing services and technology. This type of testing will allow Cenegenics physicians to see a patient's major health issues, and take steps to prevent them before they happen.

Unlike others in their field, NAG analyzes all 22,000 of a patient's genes, not only digitally, but also through the eyes of physicians to ensure outcomes are exact. Additionally, the company works with top research professionals from Harvard and Stanford to obtain and utilize the most up-to-date genetic information available.

Cenegenics Elite Heath is the largest and most experienced Age Management Practice in the world, focusing on nutrition, exercise and bio-identical hormone optimization. Through their exclusive partnership, Cenegenics is able to offer NAG's personalized genetic testing to each member of its diverse and extensive patient base. This will be life-changing for Cenegenics' patients who will now have health and pharmaceutical recommendations tailored specifically to their genetic composition. Cenegenics physicians are in the best position to contextualize this genetic information and drive action in order to mitigate potential health risks, helping their patients achieve a more proactive and preventive lifestyle.

"Cenegenics is thrilled to begin this relationship with New Amsterdam Genomics," said Partner at Cenegenics Denver, Julie McCallen, MD. "We are completely focused on helping our patients live the longest, healthiest, and happiest lives possible, and I believe through this partnership we can work even more thoroughly towards achieving this goal."

The agreement secures for New Amsterdam Genomics the distinction of becoming the exclusive genetic testing option for all Cenegenics Elite Health Program members worldwide. Through Cenegenics, members will be able to get their entire exome sequenced by NAG's CLIA-certified clinical laboratory and advanced algorithms. These members will also have access to NAG's secure online portal that provides them, as well as their Cenegenics physician, with medical insights based on their molecular traits. With the patient's genome decoded, the physician and the patient can devise ways to optimize the patient's health. Furthermore, the patient and physician will have lifetime access to the patient portal, allowing continuous updates on the patient's genetic analysis as new genetic studies are published.

"We're extremely honored to begin this important work with Cenegenics physicians and their patients," said Andrew Mills, PhD, New Amsterdam Genomics CEO and Founder. "This kind of genetic testing aims for longer, healthier lives."

Adam Christopher Troeder, NAG's VP and Founder of the Genomic Alliance stated, "For us, this is about giving as many people as possible an opportunity to improve quality of care and clinical outcomes, while also lowering healthcare costs and providing a more preventive approach to healthcare." Adam also added, "It will be an absolute pleasure working with Dr. Julie McCallen and the Cenegenics team on this roll out and future iterations of the product. Over time, we will become even more customized for Cenegenics patients, as the Cenegenics team sees fit."

About Cenegenics: Founded in 1997, Cenegenics is proud to be the global leader and recognized leading authority in Age Management Medicine with over 35,000 patients worldwide. Cenegenics' cofounders and visionaries, Alan Mintz, MD, and John E. Adams, CEO, pioneered the field of Age Management Medicine, establishing a vital and much-needed role in the international medical community. Cenegenics bridged the gap between conventional medicine and a science-based, proactive approach to decrease the risk of age-related disease and lengthen health-span.

About New Amsterdam Genomics: New Amsterdam Genomics (NAG) was started in 2010 by Andrew Mills and is headquartered in Manhattan, New York. From disease prevention, risk assessment, and patient education, to cancer research and treatment, genomics stands to make healthcare a completely personalized experience. NAG wants to empower each patient and their physician with the power of genomic data, and has lead the charge by developing a genomic analysis platform and suite of computational algorithms that determine the impact a person's genome has on their health and well-being, all delivered through a point-of-care tool designed for clinical use and looking to optimize the patient experience and understanding of their DNA.

About the Genomic Alliance: The Genomic Alliance was founded in 2013 by Adam Christopher, and is a national consortium of medical professionals focusing on the exploration and development of Genetic Testing as it pertains to personalized care and best practices. The Genomic Alliance has taken the experience and perspective of thousands of medical professionals from all over the country in order to begin better understanding genetic testing best practices and utilization of genetic information to provide proactive and preventive care.

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