CaryRx Aims to Uberize Pharmacies With the Launch of Their Mobile First Enterprise Pharmacy Platform

Enabling any pharmacy to modernize with a feature-rich HIPAA compliant cloud-based pharmacy platform

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Today, Cary Rx Inc. extended the release of their enterprise offering, CaryRx Enterprise, providing a cost-efficient platform that enables any pharmacy to transform into a tech-enabled operation. The CaryRx Enterprise technology stack seamlessly enables existing healthcare systems and pharmacies to become a fully mobile-enabled pharmacy, on par with on-demand services such as Uber, DoorDash, and GrubHub. Pharmacies are able to leverage the CaryRx Enterprise platform to offer patients a full suite of pharmacy services securely from the convenience of their smartphone. The CaryRx offering is accompanied by data-driven metrics to showcase the reduction of patient call volume and pharmacy operating expenditures. The CaryRx Enterprise platform provides an industry-leading set of features while being designed to cloud scale infinitely. Engineered to integrate with legacy systems, pharmacies can utilize the platform without the need for significant IT changes.

“The next step in the pharmacy industry is to provide mobile patient experiences on par with other industries,” says Areo Nazari, founder and CEO. “This is a key factor to enable independent pharmacies and hospital systems to compete with chain pharmacies, such as CVS and Walgreens, while drastically increasing their patient retention and acquisition rates. Additionally, we’ve seen patients improve their medication adherence rates while using our platform. As mobile application adoption increases, pharmacy labor efficiency improves with all patient interactions moving to a mobile platform while limiting the need for phone or in-person ordering. The demand for mobile first pharmacies has also been proven by other companies such as Alto and Capsule. CaryRx Enterprise enables any pharmacy to comparably capture mobile first pharmacy demand by adding to their infrastructure without an added middleman service. With the pharmacy industry exceeding three hundred billion dollars annually, strong indicators show that within industry sub-sectors, the on-demand pharmacy market is poised for the largest growth.”

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CaryRx is a fully mobile healthcare experience where patients have prescriptions delivered on-demand. Patients can submit prescriptions, chat live with a pharmacist, and schedule free same-day delivery of prescription medications. CaryRx sets the standard for the next generation pharmacy where patient experience and convenience is the priority.

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