Cardi B Shows Off Her Sex Toys From Bellesa Boutique, Gifts All Party-Goers Bellesa's Aurora Vibrator as Loot Bag

Cardi B endorses Bellesa's signature vibrator, Aurora by Bellesa, and gifts it to her hundreds of famous party guests as loot bags.

Last week, BBoutique (Bellesa Boutique) celebrated Cardi B by sending her a five-tier WAP cake and dozens of luxury vibrators for her birthday. Bellesa and Cardi B were quick to take their relationship to the next level – with Cardi giving an endorsement of Bellesa's signature product, Aurora by Bellesa, as well as gifting it to her hundreds of famous party guests as loot bags.

The rapper, who turned 28 on Sunday, took to Instagram on Tuesday afternoon to show off her luxury vibrators sent to her by Bellesa Boutique.

"It's from Bellesa, they're really good friends of mine! I recommend this [Aurora vibrator]!"

Cardi showed off her purple Aurora by Bellesa vibrator, as well as the Instagram-famous Dea by Bellesa vibrator.

"I gave these dildos out at my birthday party from Bellesa," Cardi told her 80M Instagram followers.

Among the party guests at Cardi B's Las Vegas event who were treated to the vibrator lootbag were celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Megan Thee Stallion and Teyana Taylor.

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