California Cannabinoids Begins Providing THCV To Legal Cannabis Markets

6% THCV cannabis now available from California Cannabinoids.

California Cannabinoids, a Mendocino County and Berkeley-based company, has announced that it has begun providing high tetrahydrocannabinol (THCV) cannabis raw materials to cannabis manufacturers in California's cannabis market - a first in the California cannabis industry. Early stage research on THCV has suggested it may have some exciting medical and recreational benefits. The company is currently growing "Doug's Varin," a strain which boasts an extraordinary 6% of the rare cannabinoid THCV. Doug's Varin is a unique strain that offers a competitive advantage to manufactures because it allows them to produce tinctures and oils with high amounts of THCV. Company founder David Lampach stated, "In collaboration with the original breeder of Doug's Varin strain, we have developed and brought to market a product that is entirely unique that will allow cannabis product manufacturers to differentiate their product lines, and therefore extend their reach."

Due to the rarity and difficulty of producing this strain, California Cannabinoids is cultivating this strain on a contract basis, ensuring a stable and continuous supply for our customers. Licenses to cultivate the strain may be available in other U.S. medical and recreational cannabis markets.

Prior to founding California Cannabinoids, Lampach was Co-Founder and CEO of Steep Hill Labs and has been a consultant to several states concerning creation and implementation of various aspects of medical and recreational cannabis regulation. Lampach currently serves as the chairman of the Berkeley, CA Medical Cannabis Commission.

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