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These days, getting into university is harder than ever. Rather than just test scores and grades, the full narrative of the student takes the forefront in what is necessary for an applicant to succeed. Blueprint Consulting (BPC) is an up-and-coming education firm that is beginning to make a name for itself in the college and boarding school preparation industry. With its headquarters based in Seoul, South Korea, Blueprint is privy to the challenges students face in all types of application cycles. Its individually customized roadmaps for students continue to draw both new clients and numerous college and boarding school acceptances as the year progresses.

However, education consulting is something best started early, when kids still have a chance to form a fully crafted personal story to tell to the admissions teams at each school. Whether it be a secondary student preparing for a boarding school, a high schooler transitioning to higher-level academics, or a transfer student searching for the next college, Blueprint is well-known for their capability of teaching students strategies to succeed. In the past year alone, students from BPC have taken home awards from major international competitions, ranging from humanities to STEM. These students are required to challenge themselves, both academically and personally, gradually preparing themselves for a higher level of education.

Furthermore, BPC provides customized services to all of its students. Each client is approached as a new puzzle to solve, finding the strengths and weaknesses of the students' academic and extracurricular backgrounds and helping them craft a new narrative through which to market themselves and take advantage of. Alongside parents and students, Blueprint is making waves in the industry with their major-specialized plans (nicknamed "roadmaps") that lay out the classes, clubs, and competitions the student should ideally prepare for. Regardless of nationality, all students can find success. 

Following their roadmap, students embark on a journey of numerous individualized courses from experienced teachers who specialize in that subject's field. The student's weaknesses are remedied with intensive review courses and their strengths are bolstered with engaging and energizing lessons on specific topics within their best subjects, solidifying students' foundational knowledge and interest in those subjects. Armed with a firm foundation, each student can go under a litmus test to discover the true extent of their abilities. 

For students who lack extracurriculars, Blueprint facilitates programs that allow students to act as young reporters, scientists, philanthropists, and entrepreneurs with a firm belief that these hands-on experiences would enrich students' perspectives. With diverse and well-developed programs, no student graduates with a blank resume. 

All in all, in the harsh climate of the application cycle, Blueprint Consulting has found a formula to help students thrive through providing personalized guidance and attention to each student. They ensure that every student has an education supplemented by the right classes and extracurriculars to attain each student's dream.

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