Bayestree Intelligence Announces General Availability of Its Enterprise AI Product - Sainapse 1.9 Custom Built for CX Transformation


 Bayestree Intelligence is delighted to announce General Availability of its Enterprise AI product - Sainapse 1.9 today.

With virtually zero code, minimal data pre-work, pre-built REST API connectors, Sainapse 1.9 ensures under a month go-live, delivering 80% reduction in resolution time and 50% reduction in support ops cost. Sainapse 1.9 powers up enterprise CX workflows end to end and offers multiple capabilities that are critical for enterprises striving to provide differentiated customer experience.

Sainapse 1.9

  • automatically converts incoming messages from any channel into cases/tickets in a CRM/Service Management data store classifying and routing appropriately without coding a single rule (Impact - no human triaging)
  • partitions knowledge sources into information channels, enabling intra as well as cross channel inferencing (Impact - single instance of Sainapse supporting transaction processing and decision support needs of multiple departments while maintaining their operational nuances)
  • learns about possible solutions ingesting sources of knowledge on-prem or web, analyses attachments including images that's typically used or referenced to resolve such tickets and assists service engineer/agent by recommending solutions (Impact - search time reduction by >80% and sets up for autonomous)
  • optionally, ingests solution recommendation directly to requester/end user (impact - self-help and reduction of expensive contact centres)
  • triggers, schedules and orchestrates remedial action via script/RPA and calling the appropriate transaction in enterprise systems such as SAP/Oracle/SF/Pega  (Impact - instant resolution, higher NPS, lower ops cost) 
  • Spots emerging themes before it becomes frequent (Impact - opportunity to take proactive action well before the issues snowball)
  • Includes a powerful real time de-duplication feature that identifies duplicate suspects in real time (Impact - rationalize customer database across divisions to serve better)
  • Privacy feature, when activated, identifies names, addresses or any other entity of choice from data and blank them out in real time (impact - zero risk of PII getting exposed)
  • Language agnostic Esperanto feature, when activated, processes any number of left to right languages concurrently including mixed-language situations (impact - pain-free global rollout and no need for language desks)

Therefore, customers can think of Sainapse as 'intelligence inside' their CRM or Service Management landscape and dramatically drop MTTR and cost of ops without making any changes to their process, landscape, data, or people skills.

Partha Ghosh, co-Founder and Chief Scientist of Bayestree says, "Sainapse design is deeply rooted on the principles of dynamic learnability, extensibility as well as the ability to self-heal ingesting data from heterogenous, non-stationary sources at scale. It enables diverse business use cases by offering rich extensibility of native platforms and thereby empowering its ecosystem partners and customers immensely."

Nischay Mittal, Principal & Global Head - Automation/AI, Zinnov, said, "The automation space is evolving at a remarkable pace and Customer Success is emerging as one segment with high automation potential. In our latest Zinnov Zones for Hyper Intelligent Automation, Sainapse's ability to manage cross-channel and cross-language queries with context-rich recommendations made us rate it as a Customer Success automation product to watch out for."

Girish Koppar, co-Founder and COO of Bayestree mentions, "We have addressed all core AI adoption challenges via Sainapse 1.9. With the latest release, Sainapse goes a step further to free up enterprises from the 'maze of rules.'"

Leveraging the approach of 'model only once', Sainapse 1.9 ensures continuous online learning and real time ability to assimiliate new sources of data to deliver prediction accuracies that far surpass incumbent solutions.

Available both on-prem and on cloud, the latest release adheres to enterprise standards ranging from data security, privacy, accessibility while meeting stringent performance benchmarks at scale.

Sainapse 1.9 is custom built for reimagining CX and is equally effective across industries, geographies and external or internal customer context. Sainapse 1.9 is already live and being piloted across customers in US, Continental Europe, Latin America and India. Sainapse 1.8 customers have a clear upgrade path and Bayestree plans to move them all to 1.9 by first half of 2021.

Bayestree Intelligence is an Enterprise AI product startup out of McKinney, Texas and Bangalore, India that's redefining enterprise customer support across digital, voice and social channels.

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