Artificial Intelligence (AI) Unites Coaches and New Clients

Ausava, a startup company in Redwood City, California, is developing an app that matches coaches with clients using AI and chatbots.

These days there are coaches for almost every area of bettering one’s life: business and executive training, marketing and branding, sports and fitness, health and nutrition, dating and relationship improvement, and the ever-burgeoning field of life coaching—to name just a few.

And these coaches are looking for more clients!

The most common complaint coaches express after receiving their certification is that, although they learned how to be great coaches, their coursework did not show them how to find enough clients to be successful. They need help finding new clients!

And prospective clients looking for coaches have a problem, too. After trying to sift through all the information on an endless string of coaches’ websites, they often become so exhausted, confused and overwhelmed by the search that they just give up.

The result is that there are coaches going without clients and prospective clients going without coaches. It’s a lose/lose situation!

Ausava is solving this problem by developing an AI-based app that matches coaches with new clients. That’s a win for both coaches and clients!

With Ausava’s app, AI and chatbots will guide both coaches and prospective clients through detailed questionnaires that systematically pinpoint the best match of individual clients with specific coaches.

Ludwig Fries, CEO of Ausava, says, “There are over 3.1 million coaches, from sports to life coaching, many of whom don’t have the tools to connect with potential clients. We intend to provide that tool through our app.  The team and resources are being assembled to bring this app to market, thereby unleashing the potential of coaches to help clients who otherwise would never have found the help they need.“

Source: Ausava Inc.


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