AgozTech LLC Proudly Announces Its Registration as an Alliance Partner With Zebra Technologies

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AgozTech LLC, dedicated to empowering the productivity of frontline workers by offering innovative accessories, proudly announces its official registration as an Alliance Partner of Zebra Technologies Corporation, a global leader in rugged mobile computers and barcode scanners. This strategic partnership aligns with AgozTech's mission of designing high-quality products to enhance the productivity of front-edge workers across various industries, including retail e-commerce, manufacturing, transportation, healthcare, law enforcement, logistics, and more.

AgozTech LLC specializes in creating cutting-edge accessories that enhance the productivity and comfort of front-edge workers who rely on Zebra's exceptional devices in their daily tasks. AgozTech LLC’s mission revolves around safeguarding and optimizing their mobile working devices while making their routines more efficient and comfortable through ergonomic accessories.

Frontline workers across diverse sectors require reliable gear to perform their duties effectively. By becoming an official Alliance Partner of Zebra Technologies, AgozTech LLC strengthens its commitment to delivering solutions that directly align with the unique demands of these industries.

"At AgozTech, our mission is to enhance frontline workers' productivity through innovative tools and accessories," stated Dayana Celiktras, Partner at AgozTech LLC. She added, "Our partnership with Zebra Technologies allows us to fulfill this mission by offering high-quality holsters that not only protect Zebra devices but also enhance the user experience. We're dedicated to making the daily tasks of frontline workers more comfortable and efficient."

AgozTech LLC's collaboration with Zebra Technologies holds the promise of offering an even wider range of accessories, including cases, holsters, screen protectors, and chargers, tailored for Zebra's rugged mobile computers and barcode scanners. These accessories endure demanding industry conditions, enhancing workflow efficiency and device longevity. AgozTech LLC provides expert guidance and support to optimize Zebra devices, reflecting a shared commitment to driving innovation and productivity for frontline workers across the globe.

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About Agoztech LLC

AgozTech was born out of a small passion project in Edgewater, NJ in 2009.

We design high-quality holsters to empower front edge workers' productivity in industries such as retail ecommerce, manufacturing, transportation, healthcare, law enforcement, logistics and more. Protecting their mobile working devices. Making their daily tasks more comfortable and productive. Offering ergonomic accessories.

We are your front-edge workers' partner helping to make their jobs more comfortable, efficient, and productive. From the design to the delivery of our products, we make sure to live up to our mission. From 2009 through today, our creative and passionate team continuously provides innovation to empower the front-line of businesses performance. Worldwide, where businesses and people find their success, AgozTech is there!

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