Across Platforms, Inc. Announces That It Has Filed Its Second Utility Patent for Its ClickableTV Solution for TV Everywhere

Advertisers continue to struggle with the problem of ad-skipping technologies. ClickableTV solves this problem.


Today Across Platforms, Inc., announced that it has filed its second utility patent application named “System and Method for Facilitating Clickable Links Embedded Digital Assets Using a Blockchain Ledger”. This is another piece of the foundation of the Company’s ClickableTV technology. This newest patent relates to a system and method to facilitate clickable links embedded in an advertisement using a decentralized blockchain ledger. The method involves installing one or more Clickable TV servers then transmitting an advertisement that has been made interactive by the insertion of a clickable link to a viewer’s device (such as a browser or mobile phone) that then monitors for tokens embedded in the advertisement. The technology retrieves web links that enables the viewer to view an advertised product and then enables activation of the clickable tokens for sales opportunities upon clicking of the link.

“Today’s patent filing is another example of Across Platforms dedication to bringing ClickableTV to the masses,” said Michael Kokernak, president of Across Platforms, Inc. “As more consumers adopt TV Everywhere solutions it is obvious to us that TV commercials will become clickable.”

Across Platforms, Inc. was founded in 2010. Founder Michael Kokernak, brings in- depth knowledge and experience to interactive television technologies and commercial advertising. His past successes include publishing the “Subchannel Report,” the television industry’s only newsletter that tracks the growth in networks deployed by broadcast television. He has received several other patents in the interactive television space.

Mr. Kokernak believes the ClickableTV platform revolutionizes the cable and advertising industries. It provides viewers with a seamless interactive experience while at the same time providing advertisers with clickable ads in ad-supported premium TV content. Viewers simply click an ad while watching a mobile phone or browser. Their viewing experience is not interrupted; a new web page is opened, and they can buy products or services using Clickable TV’s tokens held in their account. With Clickable TV, advertisers will be able to harness Internet metrics, targeting their audience to create a truly cost-effective campaign.

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