4me is Now Available in the AWS Marketplace

Organizations are now able to benefit from the convenient and familiar procurement process of AWS to activate their 4me environment.

Next-Generation Enterprise Service Management

4me, a leading service management solution provider, announced that Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers can now go to AWS Marketplace to set up their 4me account. AWS Marketplace is a digital catalog that makes it easy for customers to find, buy and start using software and services that run on AWS. When an organization subscribes to the 4me service in AWS Marketplace, their 4me usage is automatically added to their monthly AWS invoice. 4me's unique pricing model ensures customers control what they pay each month, because they decide whether more or fewer support specialists need access to their 4me environment.

"We are delighted to welcome 4me to AWS Marketplace," said Chris Grusz, Director of Business Development, AWS Marketplace, Service Catalog, and AWS Control Tower, AWS. "Our customers want reliable and easy-to-deploy SaaS solutions like 4me to drive data-driven operational efficiencies and facilitate collaboration. As enterprises migrate more and more applications to the cloud, they are looking for flexibility, ease of contracting and rapid provisioning."

When AWS customers want to deploy 4me from AWS Marketplace, they can choose between two pricing plans. The Basic plan is an ideal starting point for an HR or Marketing department of a small to midsize business. It provides the ability to set up a self-service portal where employees can find answers to frequently asked questions, fill out custom forms for standard requests, or simply request help. The Standard plan is best suited for IT and Facilities Management departments of midsize enterprises wanting to track their assets and streamline their workflows.

"We have been an enthusiastic user of 4me for a few years already, both for the support of our customers, as well as for our internal workflows. With much of our business running on AWS, it makes sense to have 4me included in our monthly AWS invoice. That is a welcome reduction in our administrative overhead," comments André van der Riet, Co-founder and Director at Cambrian Technologies.

"4me was designed from the ground up to support the collaboration between enterprise support functions and their external providers," explains Cor Winkler Prins, CEO at 4me. "Having 4me available in AWS Marketplace makes it possible for AWS customers to set up a proper service management solution in a matter of days and then connect it to the 4me environments of their providers, such as Cambrian Technologies."

4me is next-generation ITSM and ESM (Enterprise Service Management) software that supports SIAM (Service Integration and Management). It allows all enterprise functions such as IT, HR, Finance, Facilities and Legal to set up their own service management environment with workflows spanning multiple departments while offering employees a single self-service portal. 4me even makes it easy to connect with external providers so workflows can extend beyond the boundaries of the enterprise. Info; Patrick.bakker@4me.com.

Source: 4me, Inc.