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Menesello Sas Company creates for each client prototypes of the clothing accessory products in a few hours.

The prototypes of Menesello Sas are ready in 24 hours: this is the news that has appeared on website a few days ago. Menesello fashion accessories, leader in the production of accessories for clothes, manufactures custom-made prototypes in 24 hours: labels, tags, sip, buckles, hooks rings, and brooches manufactured in just a few working hours.

The process of clothing accessories manufacturing of Menesello Sas industry starts from the design of the model prototype, first on a paper then on a plate. For this reason, the rapidity in the creation of the plate is fundamental, because once the prototype has been designed it is possible to manufacture the moulds for the production of the series of accessories chosen by the customer. At this step the design office plays a fundamental role, customer and designer work side by side in order to achieve the best results in the stage of accessory project on the basis of various demands.

Menesello Sas Company has its Headquarters in the province of Padua, in Pernumia; it was born at the end of the eighties and it is specialized in the production of clothes, shoes and leather accessories. It manufactures leather labels, buttons, chains, through clothing, hooks, through clothing and ring brisè.

The design office of Menesello Sas is devoted to the creation of all clothing accessories, as well as of company gadget ideas with an innovative and unique design. The aim of the company is to realize all the ideas of the customers and designers with specific details and particulars, everything made with Italian material.

Menesello Sas is formed by design and graphic studio, prototyping and incision section, steel moulds production, finish surfaces and quality control subdivision, centrifugal and die casting technology section. Furthermore, all the projects have been developed together with the customers, from the designing stage to the production one and at the end every single product is validated by the client. A team of experts deals with the incision process; on the other hand, the EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) process is suitable for the definition of the accessory details. The production of the moulds is crucial for the manufacturing of all the accessory pieces. As regards consistent requests, the company uses steel moulds created with die casting technology. Each piece is decorated with galvanization process; in fact Menesello Sas is equipped with vibrant room form EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining).

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