Newly Launched Accelerator Chooses 900dpi as Inaugural Participant

Team members from 900dpi have been chosen to participate in an exclusive business accelerator program. 900pi serves the growing web design freelance job force by providing an intuitive content management system, website hosting and billing services.

Founders of 900dpi, the leading streamlined website content management system, will spend three months participating in an innovative new business accelerator program, aimed at supporting and fostering the spirit of entrepreneurship in the technology-rich professional community of Madison, Wis.

900dpi is one of 11 independent companies chosen to participate in the accelerator's inaugural year. The program is provided by Madworks, an organization that offers a wide range of services to entrepreneurs from the University of Wisconsin and the general public. Madworks is teaming with the UW-Madison Law School's Law & Entrepreneurship Clinic and the Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. in its first summer accelerator endeavor.

Abby Larner, co-founder of 900dpi, said the program will offer her company's leadership an invaluable opportunity to learn from, and collaborate with, a varied array of both startup and veteran entrepreneurs.

"900dpi is very excited and honored to be chosen to participate of the inaugural class of the Madworks Accelerator program," Larner said. "With 11 diverse teams at all stages of business, we are sure to learn a lot not only from our mentors, but also from our peers."

She added that she and her fellow 900dpi team members are looking to gain insight into providing the very best product and service to their enthusiastic customer base.

"We think that this accelerator will give 900dpi the opportunity to learn more about our customers' wants and needs, what challenges they're currently facing, and how we can best fill that gap," said Larner.

What has been dubbed "the freelance economy" by staffing industry professionals and publications is propelling the need for new tools and technologies, such as 900dpi. Web designers want to focus their time doing what they love, and that's designing great websites. 900dpi offers a wholly intuitive CMS along with hosting/billing services, so that designers, many of whom count themselves among the growing freelance job force, can concentrate their efforts and talent on design.

Following the three-month accelerator, 900dpi and the other participants will be given an opportunity to partake in additional services offered by Madworks.


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