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New York's Favorite Danny's Kosher Foods Is Coming to Miami

Danny's Kosher Food Catering is about to start serving the South Florida community with delicious Kosher cuisine. Miami Rabbinical authorities give Danny's Food a warm welcome.

Widely known by the Jewish communities of New York and Baltimore, Danny's Kosher Food Catering is now coming to Miami. The food catering company is expanding and they are offering more services than ever. The company is now offering Kosher Parve, Kosher Dairy and Kosher Meat Catering for engagements, weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, Holidays and the many other many Jewish events to those living in Miami.

Danny Goldberg -- creator and franchisor of Danny's Food -- is a food expert who has been in the industry for 20 years. He is also an experienced businessman and benefactor of the Jewish community in the US. He works with a mission in mind -- to make gourmet Kosher catering as good and affordable as non-Kosher food in the major metropolitan areas.

It is expected that New Gourmet Kosher Catering Service in Miami will be able to serve gourmet cuisine to not only the Jewish community in South Florida, but to any individual looking to make host a kosher event. The local government and rabbinical authorities embraces the catering services with open arms as the Jewish community is an important sector of the local economy. It is important to have a quality choice when it comes to Kosher foods. The company has been providing quality catering services to hundreds of clients throughout the nation and they are planning to deliver even more excellent services here in Miami.

To fulfill the company's mission, Danny's Kosher Catering is inviting the Jewish community in South Florida to try their excellent yet affordable services. They are even offering promotional pricing as a incentive for the community to try them out. The company is also avidly promoting their services on the web as most people start their search for caterers online nowadays.

"We saw an opportunity and we took it. People who keep kosher are not satisfied with the quality of service the current Kosher food industry offer. Kosher caterers and restaurants are expensive and unprofessional. We set out to change that." Stated, Danny Goldberg

For inquiries and reservations, please contact Danny's Kosher Catering in Miami at (786) 463 4938.

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