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New York City Dancers Find a New Place to Compete and Connect to the Hip-hop Dance Community Through "Urban Renewal."

PMT Dance Studio announces its 3rd Hip-hop freestyle dance competiton: Urban Renewal. The event will be held at 6pm on March 31st at PMT Dance Studio, located at 69 West 14th Street, 3rd Floor. Tickets are $13 if purchased in advance.

NYC has a new home to experience hip-hop dance in its purest forms. To help cultivate the hip-hop dance community in New York City, PMT Dance Studio along with the Inhumanoids and F.U.S.E. Dance LLC will be presenting the third installment of Urban Renewal, a street dance competition showcasing local freestyle dancers in New York City. On March 31st from 6pm to 2am, cyphers (dance circles) and battles will occupy both dance studios at PMT. While there is no rubric for the "freestyle battle" dancers will be pulling out styles of hip-hop including house, popping and locking to music spun by DJ Krunk Pony. To top it off, there will be a special performance from House of Kyushu from Japan.

Urban Renewal started in the Spring of 2011 it has grown into a series of freestyle dance events focused on creating an open space the urban dance community. Rather than advertising a large cash prize, past winners of the competition have received hand-crafted awards from the judges themselves along with respect and bragging rights. Proceeds from the event go towards judges, studio space and open bar for all the guests.

PMT Dance studio specifically focuses on providing students more than just dance classes and rehearsal space, but new opportunities to get involved with dancing. After having performance workshops, classes, and open sessions for popping, breakdancing and house, PMT could be seen as a natural entry point for students of hip-hop and street dance. Urban Renewal has become a new way for PMT to offer its students and the hip-hop community a place to further build the community.

The Inhumanoids are a New York based Popping crew that holds Pop-Shop at PMT every Saturday at 5pm. Afterwards F.U.S.E. Dance LLC holds an open session focusing on hip-hop and house. Since space is always a constant frustration for all dancers in New York City, PMT dance studio was a natural match.

PMT Dance Studio is located at 69 West 14th Street 3rd floor. Urban Renewal will take place on March 31st from 6pm to 2am. Tickets are on sale at PMT Dance Studio. Call 212-924-5694 for tickets.

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