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New Year Decorating Numbers Increase

The redecoration industry is enjoying a boom amidst the housing market slump.

With country still embroiled in the economic slump and fall of the housing industry, few people have been buying homes over the past three years. This has led to an increase in homeowners settling rather than moving up the housing ladder. Subsequently the decorating and redecorating trades have experienced a significant boom. This looks set to peak as many Britons do not foresee a quick recovery for the housing market.

With options limited, many people are resigned to staying in their current home for the next few years. This is leading to a significant number trying to create a new, 'perfect' home within their current walls. Total redecoration of a home can lead to the effect of the 'dream house'.

Those who crave a move to the country could be more inclined to create their own beautiful country cottage regardless of where they live. Even in the deepest depths of a metropolitan city, homeowners can escape into their own idyllic country enthused palace. Using clever decorating techniques and materials consistent with the appearance they are trying to recreate; homeowners can transport the ideals of the countryside into their own home.

A Wooden Staircase and flooring alongside fittings and furnishings of the same material can add a consistency that such a large project requires is the first step to creating this appearance. Woods and mahoganies of rich tones create a warm atmosphere and a cosy, archaic feel to the home. Wooden furniture is so steeped in history that it has secured its place in high decorating fashion for eternity and then some. A timber staircase adds timeless class and sophistication.

One of the most prominent and underlying reasons for the prolonged success of wooden furniture is its chameleon-like ability to fit and serve almost any other colours. The simple tones found in traditional country homes sit alongside the wooden tones perfectly.
Use rich reds, greens or blues to create a dark, inclusive feel to the home. Using one of these tones as the feature colour sets a beautiful precedent in the home. Stylish simplicity has always been one of the key factors when trying to authentically replicate the tone of the perfect country cottage.

Many people use the New Year as the perfect time to redecorate their home. With all of the stress and work of the holiday period well out of the way, a new project can commence. The time of new dawns and fresh starts can lead to a large number of Britons choosing to redecorate.

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