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New WSCA Wireless Vendor in Montana

Cell phone and tablet accessories are available at a deep discount for Montana government accessories. DiscountCell is an official WSCA Wireless Vendor. Get more information at

For members of a State, County, City, School District or any other Political subdivision in Montana, huge discounts on wireless accessories are available for government issued cell phone and tablet, as well as personal cell phones and tablets. These discounts include brands like Otterbox, Incipio, Seidio, Speck, Body Glove and BodyGuardz, as well as lesser known, but quality brands like PureGear, Ballistic, UAG, Qmadix, Naztech, Switch Easy and WirelessX Group.

Accessories for all cell phone and tablet brands and models are available, both recently released models and older models. Chargers, Cases, Batteries, Antennas, Data Accessories, Covers, Screen Protectors, Car Mounts and Headsets are available and all at huge discounts.

For employees that travel frequently or have a commute, a car mount is a great way to utilize time in the car while still keeping everyone on the road safe. There are plenty of options available to fit different phone models, tablet models, car sizes and personal preferences.

An external battery pack is also a great accessory for someone on the go. Battery packs can hold a charge large enough to fully recharge a smart phone or a tablet and many hold enough of a charge to recharge multiple devices. The user can plug their device in literally anywhere and get a full recharge.

Montana government agencies have completed a participating addendum and have authorized local governments, school districts and other special use districts to participate unless noted otherwise.

Order supplies at the following webpage -
All contact and other important information is also contained on this web page.

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