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New Workshop At The Soul Of Yoga Teaches How To Relieve Stress

The "Immersion in Love" two day workshop teaches how to relieve stress.It is taught by one of the premiere Yoga Teachers in California, Soul of Yoga founder Tom Kelly

The Soul Of Yoga, in Encinitas, CA is offering a two day workshop, named "Immersion in Love", that teaches how to relieve stress. The workshop, named "Immersion in Love", is taught by Soul of Yoga founder Tom Kelly According to Tom, "Come to Immersion in Love and melt some ice. You will be seen like you've never been seen before, be loved like you've never been loved before, be heard like you've never been heard before You will spark the divinity of your true self while developing and cultivating real, long lasting loving friendships. As a bonus, you'll have FUN! And I guarantee that after these two days, you will know how to relieve stress.

The Immersion in Love Experience Includes:

• Soul Friendship

• Total love and acceptance

• Letting loose your "pure fun" inner child

• Hearts interacting on a Soul level

• Feeling happy for no reason

• Oh! This is why I'm here (on Earth)

• Dance between modern day lifestyle and ancient wisdom

• Ah ha's galore! Including How To Relieve Stress

• Multi-sensory experiences

In summary, Tom Kelly urges anyone feeling defensive, disconnected, dissatisfied and stressed to attend the workshop to answer the question and learn, once-and-for-all, how to relieve stress "Have you ever experienced conscious ecstasy? Tom's simple answer is "If you have forgotten how to play, come play with us. You need 'Soul Friends". Come meet them in this authentic, real experience. When souls get together, sparks fly and they generate and radiate true love and friendship. Do you remember what joy and happiness feel like? When was the last time you were just happy for no reason? You will spend every day feeling sparks and bliss at Immersion in Love".

Marcia Frescura, Director of Yoga at The Soul of Yoga adds more about the retreat, scheduled for March 21-23: "We have taken every consideration to ensure the ultimate experience for your body, mind and soul. Come and be nourished by heart centered yoga and experiences that expand your awareness. It is all handled. You have a date with the Divine! A rendezvous with a Miracle. Every decision, every twist and turn leads your Soul deeper into Immersion in Love and teaches you how to relieve stress forever!"

Synopsis of Tom Kelly's background, After earning his B.A. in Anthropology and Religious Studies from the University of California at Santa Barbara, in the fall of 1974, at the age of 24, Tom entered the monastic life at the Self-Realization Fellowship (SRF). Founded by Paramahansa Yogananda in southern California, SRF- is an international, non-profit, religious organization that has roots that trace back to the ancient lineage of Swamis from India. For more visit

To enroll immediately, visit

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