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On March, 25, 2014, Tomboy Princess launched their first collection of clothing by offering a preview sale. Featuring items from the TankTalk Collection, Tomboy Princess calls the items released, "The Magnificent 7."

Tomboy Princess is a NEW women's fitness apparel brand. Banking on their strong & beautiful personality, the company has connected with thousands of like-minded women via social media. More than just pushing fitness gear on consumers, Tomboy Princess provides daily motivation to those who have fitness and/or health-related goals.

On March 25, 2014, Tomboy Princess launched a preview sale from the TankTalk Collection. Featuring a limited number of items, the preview sale has taken on the title, "The Magnificent 7." The TankTalk Collection does the talking for you, so you can focus on your workout.

The TankTalk Collection was the first series of clothing created by Co-Founders and CEOs of Tomboy Princess, Jean and Dennis Walker. Jean states, "In trying to describe the type of person I always wanted to be - who I really felt I was on the inside - the words were spoken: "Tomboy Princess." It just clicked! My husband looked at me and we both thought, 'Whoa! What just happened?'"

With plans for developing a brand no different than the likes of Nike, Under Armour, Lululemon, or other high-class sports gear companies, Tomboy Princess understands the steps that must be taken. While production for Tomboy Princess begins with more trendy, novelty-type items, the company plans to launch their own line of high-performance, fitness apparel. The company will collaborate with manufacturers and designers to create a style that is all their own. This line of high-performance sports gear will include sports bras, compression items, and so much more.

Tomboy Princess is a welcomed breath of fresh air, creating a community of women who understand how important it is to inspire and encourage others to be their very best selves. That's why Tomboy Princess will be successful. The number one goal is to connect with like-minded women and inspire them to be better; to do greater things. The apparel items serve as a reminder of that feeling - a feeling of belonging and strength.

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