New Weight Loss Medic Offers Free Diet Plan Announced by Non-profit

A free diet and exercise weight loss program has been announced as part of the new Weight Loss Medic program of an existing non-profit group.

The Weight Loss Medic is a new online service announced by the Association for Health and Wellness (A4HW), which provides anyone with a free diet and exercise program at

"A4HW is dedicated to helping people make healthy choices that improve and prolong their lives. It was only natural to add weight loss to the services we provide," explained David Bresnahan, executive director about the addition of the new service.

Bresnahan often appears as a guest on local and national talk radio programs to explain how easy it is to lose weight. Listeners are offered the free diet and exercise program by visiting the website and entering just their name and e-mail address. The free plan is then sent to their e-mail instantly.

The website also offers links to many free resources that are helpful to anyone who would like to learn more about health and wellness issues. In addition, the site provides recommendations for those who would like to use natural weight loss supplements to burn fat and suppress appetites.

"I always recommend diet and exercise to anyone who would like to shed some pounds, but I also recognize that most people don't maintain that kind of program for long. That is why I searched for the best combination of natural weight loss supplements to burn fat and suppress appetite, at the lowest possible cost," said Bresnahan.

There are several product recommendations made by Bresnahan, known as the Weight Loss Medic on radio interviews. The site lists a meal replacement drink, a sea vegetable all natural daily vitamin, as well as the already mentioned fat burner and appetite suppressant.

"Weight gain can contribute to many health problems, including high blood pressure and diabetes. For this reason I made some additional recommendations for natural products that have proven to improve heart health, diabetes and other health concerns," he said.

To make it easy for people to select a weight loss plan, Bresnahan has listed four different ones to select from, based on the desired amount of weight loss. Each of the plans, along with the recommended products, is detailed on the website at

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A4HW provides free services to help people make better choices so they can gain better health and live longer lives. A4HW is recognized by the IRS as a 501 c 3 non-profit.

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