New Wedding Cake Design From - Turning Couples Dream Wedding Into Reality recently unveiled a new exterior ingredient to make anyone's cake taste as good as it looks, without using this fondant.

In most wedding magazines and videos featuring wedding cakes, people often see a flawless finish to the cake's exterior, and this is because many of the wedding cake designs out there use a fondant.

What is the fondant and why is it used? It is a sugar-like dough used to cover the icing of a cake to give it a smooth finish. explained that the downside of using it is that the cake becomes excessively sweet. "Too much use of the ingredient will also add a chewy feel to the cake - something that is not so welcoming to the guests in your wedding."- The designers therefore decided to propose a different design that retains the same flashy look but add a more welcoming taste to any cake.

According to them, an Italian buttercream frosting can substitute what has traditionally been used, and if done correctly, anyone can achieve the look that they desired for the cake without compromising on the taste. Furthermore, it can work well as a filling and flavored in different ways. explains it in two stages. The first stage includes adding a layer that covers the entire cake, keeping all the crumbs sealed to give way for the next stage. The chef can use an icing spatula for this. The buttercream hardens quite well. For the second stage, the buttercream should be made even softer. It is easier to apply the layer since the undercoat is smooth and hard. A bench scraper can be used for this process as the pastry chef applies the coating on the top and sides.

He can then place the cake back in the fridge and repeat the process several times. The secret here is to be a little patient and careful with the smooth buttercream. Any shortcuts will not give him the right results, but if the method is followed to the letter, anyone will be amazed by the results. The now smooth surface can be topped up with any artistic fruit or chocolate finishing after this, as the surface is excellent for toppings.

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