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Women will find an amazing selection of purse hooks and other accessories for their handbags on new website. announces the launch of a new web site that will carry an extensive line of handbag accessories. Top brands such as purse hooks by Chatt, key finders by Alexx, FUMI bracelet purse holders, Purseket handbag organizers are available on Purse

Chatt purse hooks (aka Purse Hanger, Purse Holder, Handbag Hook, Handbag Hanger, Handbag Holder, Bag Hook, Purse Valet, Bag Holder and Bag Hanger) work on gravity to hold any purse under a table for your convenience, security and to keep it off a dirty floor. Chatt folding handbag hangers come with a black velvet pouch inside an exclusive gift box. They are made of real gemstones. A rubber pad has an image that explains how to use a folding (aka collapsing and collapsible) purse hook. The gift boxes have a white cardboard sleeve for protection during shipping.

Our gemstone folding handbag hangers are made of lead free steel. They measure 2 inches across when closed and can hold 20 pounds. They aka foldable, collapsible, collapsing, purse hanger, purse holder, handbag hanger, handbag hook, handbag holder

Visitor will find a wide selection of Key Purse FindersĀ® (key finders) by Alexx, Inc. They are a great way to find your keys and keep them handy. Women love key finders and for they are a perfect compliment to Chatt purse hooks. Alexx has a U.S. patent on their unique key finders.

FUMI, another brand women will find on, has an amazing product line. Their line of stylish bracelet purse holders has a dual function. Women can wear them as jewelry and use them as purse hooks to hold their purse under a table. FUMI has a U.S. patent.

Some women change their purse as often as they change their shoes. Purseket purse organizers were featured on TV's Oprah. They help women keep their purse tidy and protect everything inside the purse. They also make swapping handbags a breeze.

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The company is located in Boca Raton, FL. Contact the Director of Public Relations, Christina Marie Washio, for additional information at 561.883.2280.

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