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New Web Magazine Kicks Off with Tips on How to Get Rid of Fleas

New online lifestyle magazine discusses the best ideas to get rid of fleas that threaten lives of people and pets.

The infestation of fleas is a common problem among households, especially ones that keep dogs and cats at home. In areas that are warmer and more humid, thriving fleas - which also cause tapeworms - provide serious health risks for families and pets. In this regard, it is important to get rid of fleas at home using proven methods.

Living That, a new online resource that discusses everything about life and living, offers tips to making the unwanted pests go away. Presented as a web-based lifestyle magazine, strives to be the go-to online guide for people who want ideas and tips to maintaining healthy homes and relationships, while also discussing just about any other topic under the sun.

One of the first matters discussed on is how to get rid of fleas in order to maintain a clean and pest-free home while also keeping pets safe and healthy. The website notes that simple as it may sound, one of the most effective ways to eliminate fleas is bathing pests a little often than before and cleaning the places they may lurk on. notes that it also helps to keep the pets from mingling with other pets that are flea-infected. underscores that a one of the best ways to get rid of fleas is to free the home from cracks, crevices, and any other form of possible flea house. The basement should also be free from cracks and any voids that may allow moisture in and invite fleas to stay and reproduce. Without the cracks, other unwanted organisms like molds cannot thrive.

According to, fleas that are generally susceptible to heat cannot stay directly exposed to the sun. As such, the lawn grass should always be kept short so that the pests cannot stay at, reproduce, and hatch eggs. In addition, it is wise to throw away vacuum bags after cleaning places that are infested with fleas.

As with keeping all other pests away, the best strategy to prevent flea infestation is to keep the place neat and clean at all times. Owners of flea infected pets should consult with vets and other health professionals.

To learn more about keeping fleas away from pets and homes, please visit for information.

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