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New Vote The Power™ Campaign Ad Targets MD Voters To Turn Out On Election Day

Non-partisan political ad featuring children and key state issues set to launch on social networks

The MD 2012 Vote The Power! ™ Campaign will launch its new campaign advertisement on Friday, October 19, 2012. The ad has a simple yet powerful message to Maryland voters that reminds them of who their vote will affect the most, the children of Maryland. The ad features faces of various children and addresses the key issues that are facing Marylanders in this election. These issues pertain to education, the economy, marriage and families. These issues have been placed on the Maryland ballot through referendum.

The online launch will take place on October 19, 2012 and the ad will be placed on the campaign website, Facebook page, YouTube Channel and Vimeo social networks. Throughout this election year, Vote The Power! has traveled extensively throughout the Baltimore Metro region registering citizens to vote, conducting voter education and voter advocacy. In addition, VTP hosted their Black and White Summer Gala in August to climax their community efforts conducted during the election season. The new ad release is the final project of the campaign for the 2012 election year. Vote The Power! ™ is a non-partisan voters campaign for the State of Maryland. It is solely intended to empower citizens in local communities of Maryland to vote. We do not promote or encourage citizens to vote for or support any specific candidates or political party. We simply encourage citizens to get involved in the political process. Vote The Power! ™ is a project of The GrassRoots Steering Foundation, Inc. For more information, contact our campaign headquarters at: 1-800-874-8701. Email: or visit us online at:

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