New Video Reveals America's Role In Bible Prophecy

The United States is one of the major focuses in Bible Prophecy. The New full length video "The United States In Bible Prophecy" unmistakably proves this. Everyone needs to see this video and learn the fast approaching climatic fate of the USA.

Bible Prophecy is a loving warning message from God. It is meant to bring peace and hope to the sincere reader and seeker of God's truth. Yet many people fear the prophetic warnings in the Bible. There is no reason to fear Bible prophecy; God doesn't just provide a warning, He provides the victory and the way of escape. The United States In Bible Prophecy is a desperate warning message to the US and the world. One viewer on YouTube posted the following comment: "Awesome video, Praise and glory be to the Father YHWH and his Son Yahshua ha'Mashiah .....I pray many see this video and hear.."

The United States In Bible Prophecy proves that the US is center stage in the end-time events depicted in the Bible. Using 30 verses from the old and new testament, this video proves that the US is the end-time Babylon as described in Revelation 17 and 18.

There are many sincere but wrong interpretations on what or where Babylon is. Some say it is a religious organization, some say Iraq and some say it is not any specific organization or place but all false religion. None of these interpretations are consistent with the Bible's description of Babylon. The Bible clearly says Babylon is a nation represented by a city. It is a christian nation that has departed from God. It is the richest nation on earth and it is the policeman of the earth (the last superpower).

There are many more descriptions and when they are all combined together, they describe only one nation in earths history and that is the United States of America. If the US is not Babylon, then it must be destroyed in order for some other nation to replace it.

Every American needs to hear what God has to say about the United States. And they need to know how God has provided a way of escape for the judgment that is to come. The rest of the world needs to see this video as well because the judgment of the US is a warning of the coming judgment of God upon the world. The evidence is irrefutable - see the video today! It can be viewed on YouTube or at our website.

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