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New VapoScrubEX5 from Envent Corporation Absorbs Up to 25% More VOCs and Toxic Air Pollutants Than Competing Scrubber Chemicals

Envent is pleased to announce the addition of a new, highly biodegradable, oil-based vapor scrubbing solution to its proprietary VapoScrub chemistry line.

Envent Corporation, North America's trusted specialty degassing and mobile water treatment service company has released VapoScrubEX5. The newest addition to the company's VapoScrub lineup combines the proprietary VaporBite technology to the Escrub and EVAC line of scrubbers offering the best solution for vapor control.

As a leading systems vapor control and degassing company, the Envent team offers a variety of proprietary chemical scrubbing solutions that are specifically designed to remove high concentrations of toxic vapors and volatile organic compounds as well as hydrogen sulfide (H2S).

"Our vapor scrubber services combined with our thermal oxidizers provide a refinery, chemical plant, terminal, pipeline or barge loading operator with turnkey solutions to vapor scrubbing issues," said Envent's Lead Engineer. "Whether it is emergency response, short term or long term rental, we can create a solution for your vapor application and vapor control project," said the company.

According to Envent, VapoScrubEX5 is a highly biodegradable, oil-based vapor scrubbing solution that effectively absorbs Volatile Organic Carbon (VOCs) and hazardous air pollutants. It consists of a non-foaming and non-toxic formula containing methyl esters. The chemical also has a high flash point with no surfactants or perfumes. The VapoScrubH2S is Envent's solution to Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) vapor issues.

"With low flammability, VapoScrubEX5 is safe for transport and storage, making it ideal for all mobile applications," said Envent.

"It can absorb hydrocarbons such as benzene, toluene, xylene and aromatics. Plus it has up to 25% more absorption capacity over other competitors at lower price point."

Compared with granular activated carbon alone, VapoScrubEX5 can offer as much as 3 times the cost savings and absorption capacity. When the Envent Mobile Thermal Oxidizer Systems (EMTOS) and Envent Emissions Combustions Systems (EMECS) are too robust for the application, the Escrub & EVAC units filled with VapoScrubEX5 are the perfect solution.

The VapoScrubEX5 is safe for use in EVAC Units, ESCRUB and Envent BD liquid scrubber units. Also, the VapoScrubEX5 is very stable, safe, easily managed and not considered a hazardous waste under Federal Hazardous Waste Regulations. The chemicals are generally safe for disposal in Refinery Slop Oil Systems or Terminal Transmix.

Please visit www.vapor-scrubbers.com, contact Ivan Millman at Ivan.Millman@envent.net or call (888) 997-9465 to learn more.

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