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We're announcing the release of a new website that provides information to women interested in using balls for birthing, pregnancy, yoga and other fitness or therapeutic exercise.

Gerry Viburn and his wife Ann, both entrepreneurs and a yoga teachers, are now launching a powerful new website! The duo have a huge combined hands on experience from using yoga balls for exercise during pregnancy and birth, personal yoga practice and other forms of therapeutic and fitness exercise. This website will allow users to draw on their experience!

Gerry and Ann believe in the power of birthing balls to enhance one's experience of giving birth and preparing for it. This is valuable tool and a big part of courses that Ann delivers to all her pregnant clients as a Doula as well as a yoga teacher.

Contrary to a popular belief that props shouldn't be used for the practice of yoga, Gerry, an experienced yoga teacher, knows all too well that to enhance one's own yoga practice and break through barriers the use of props is well justified. Yoga balls are not the most common but their popularity is on the rise.

At present exercise balls are part of every gym and most yoga studios but little information is freely available to the general public. This new service is looking to fill the gap and deliver this missing information through an internet page.

Exercise balls, whatever is the purpose, when properly used can help to solve many problems and answer many needs. This all new service will provide the right answer to all seekers of core stability exercises, yoga ball workout videos and much much more. A comprehensive exercise ball selection guide is also there. Most people think a ball should be chosen by the size of the user but the actual use of the ball also plays a role.

As the site grows users will be encouraged to add content not only through comment but also share their ideas by submitting their own posts.

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